Fairies & Dragons Realm

Most of us are enthralled and spellbound with Middle Earth fairies, dragons, wizards and other magical creatures and the realms they exist in. But to most, they are fantasy, folklore and fairytale beings straight out of a Grimms fable. To a few though, these magical beings are very real and they have learned to communicate and interact with them. There are those who have had experiences with some of these apparent mystical beings and have written books sharing their stories. If this subject interests you, or you’d like to learn more, then you may like the following books.


Fairies are more than the endearing characters in a bedtime story, they are high vibrational nature spirits that can be found outdoors among trees and naturally grown plants. It’s our imagination that bridges the gap between our physical world and the dimension of the fairy world. Faires are in forests, gardens, meadows, streams, waterfalls, caves, hills and a multitude of other locations. They could possibly be found indoors around plants and pets too.

This book will teach you how to become a fairy pathwalker. There are different types of fairies from gnomes to sylphs to salamanders to undines – and each has their own roles. You’ll learn the fairy history and how to create an open heart to communicate with them. You’ll also learn safe spells, meditations, invocations and exercises for connecting to fairy energy, which can be found at the end of each chapter.┬áRituals for receiving help and healing from the fairies is also shared along with ceremonies to strengthen your connection to the natural world.

Dragon Oracle Cards

Dragons have long been depicted as fire-breathing beasts that destroy everything in their path. In truth, they are immensely beautiful, wise, open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic realms who are sent here by Source to help and assist us. Most of us cannot seem them because they live in the 5th or higher dimensions, but we can learn to tune into their frequency and connect with them. Their energies can help us break barriers, remove lower energies and live our passion.

This beautiful 44 deck card comes with a user manual that explains in-depth the meaning of each card. Each card depicts a specific dragon and shares a little bit about their meaning. This deck can be used daily for getting clear advice in all areas of our lives.

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