Fairy Tale Sticker & Activity Books

Once upon a time in a magical realm far, far away, there lived … This enchanted opening line has mesmerized and beckoned both kids and adults to read on. Fairy tales have been around for thousands of years, but the most familiar tales were penned a few hundred years ago.

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These classic tales still possess the power to transport us to other dimensions, to whimsical realms and to worlds of make-belief where anything is possible. Fairy tales captivate our attention, foster imaginations, and spark adventure. We continue to treasure these spellbinding tales and enjoy passing them down from generation to generation. They just never get old.

Fairy tales teach kids to read, articulate, fine-tune motor skills, and develop life skills. Today, they have been included in many teaching aids, activity books, and sticker books. Stickers are universal crowd-pleasers and children love them. They allow kids the freedom to create their own stories. I recently found some fairy tale sticker books that are interactive; they not only promote reading but they encourage exploration and inspire creativity.

Everyone loves the story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This frolicking fair-haired child comes upon a house while on a walk and takes it upon herself to enter. She discovers that there are three of everything, bowls of food, chairs, and beds. Young children can explore with Goldilocks as they flip through the colorful pages of this activity book. Each scene has probing questions in the margins and kids can find the answers on the page. They’ll learn colors, counting, and item recognition. There is also a treasure hunt and over 300 colorful and story inspired stickers.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf is another charming fairy tale that we all grew up with. Inside this activity book, kids will find over 400 story inspired stickers for them to create their own fairy tale. Each page is part of a scene so kids can connect the ideas and storyline as they read on. The pages are filled with colorful illustrations and probing questions on the perimeter for kids to ponder and find the answers to. They’ll also find a treasure hunt that kids can check off as they find the items. It’s a fun book and kids will enjoy the challenge.

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