Family Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles have long been used as a means of relaxation and good old entertainment. It’s fun to peruse the pieces and try to connect them in the right place. Puzzles come in a variety of themes and a number of pieces reflective of different age groups. But aside from being captivating, puzzles are engaging, stimulating and beneficial for both kids and adults.

Puzzles improve and enhance cognitive skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, hand and eye coordination, memory, shape and spatial awareness, and concentration. As beneficial as these attributes are, most of us just want to enjoy the experience of putting an exciting puzzle together with our family. My family loves getting together on cold or rainy days and working on some puzzles. Here are some of our newest puzzles from Chronicle Books. They’re fun, colorful and entertaining.

Piece It Together – Purrmaid Paradise

Piece It Together - Purrmaid Paradise puzzles

Kids aged 3 and up will love this aquatic kitten puzzle. Purrmaid Paradise features an underwater scene with lots of colorful sea life. From fish to plants to pearl filled clams to an underwater castle, this make-believe ocean will expose young hands to a watery wonderland. The puzzle consists of 60 pieces with 20 large and 40 smaller ones for easy handling and quick construction. Children will be in awe as they watch the marine landscape come together. Perfect for sibling play and family fun.

Piece It TogetherCatstronauts!

Piece It Together - Catstronauts! puzzles

Kids can explore deep space with the Piece It Together Catstronauts puzzle. Featuring 60 pieces, 20 large and 40 smaller ones that are easy for small hands to grasp and place. Children ages 3 and up will have fun as they construct an image of cute cats, stars, spaceships, planets and more in space. This puzzle will spark young imaginations and encourage childhood learning and development. It’s great fun for families to connect and create a picture together.

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