Great Father’s Day Gifts from Home Depot

The greatest gift I ever had, came from God; I call him Dad! Anonymous

Are dad’s really that hard to buy gifts for? If you’re shopping in a regular big box store, maybe, but not if get the right type of store. Dad’s love tools and all things outdoors and Home Depot totally hits the mark.

You may be thinking that Father’s Day is near and you haven’t found the right gift. Swing by Home Depot and just check out the awesome selection of gift ideas that will definitely resonate with dear ole’ dad. Home Depot carries lots of top brand names and one of them is Ryobi. Ryobi has long been recognized for its high-quality power and lawn tools.

My dad loved to tinker in his garage with yard equipment, and his yard always looked immaculate and well-manicured. I try to emulate my dad and keep my yard groomed and now it’s going to be easier. I recently got a Ryobi Hybrid String Trimmer to try out and it has an abundance of stellar attributes that will make yard work actually seem pleasant.

  • Dual Power Trimmer: Runs Off of 18V Battery or Electric Power
  • 2-in-1 Shaft Rotates For Edging
  • 10″-12″ Cutting Width for Increased Run Time or Wider Cutting
  • Auto Feed Line Head – No Bumping
  • Telescoping Upper Shaft to Fit User Height
  • Includes: P2200 String Trimmer/Edger, 18V Lithium-Ion Battery Dual Chemistry Charger and Operator’s Manuals

The Ryobi Hybrid Trimmer is probably the best trimmer/edger I’ve used. First, and very importantly, it has a safety button. The lock-out button prevents accidental starting. To use your trimmer, you will have to press the lock-out button first, and then press the run trigger to get any action. I think this is a great feature, especially if you have lots of kiddo’s in your family.

You will never run out of power because you have the option of using the power cord when the battery dies. The great part is, it only takes one hour to recharge the battery. We did our whole lawn and the battery was still going strong. The lithium battery goes full power for up to 2/3 of an acre, that’s a lot of land area. This clever trimmer has a no bump, line advance auto-feed, so when you need more string, you pause for 2 seconds and it will automatically dispense more line. You don’t have to bump the ground with this rock star.

It has a telescopic upper shaft to fit user height. This is fabulous as we are really tall people, so no hunching necessary here. The shaft can rotate, vertically and horizontally, so you can get uber close to buildings, fences, steps, and sidewalks. This line diameter is adjustable to cover 10 – 12 inches of area. It’s fairly lightweight at 11 pounds and has a soft, comfy grip. All in all, it’s a fabulous product and would make an ideal gift. My yard looks so good, thanks to Ryobi!

Home Depot also carries oodles of products for your home. We are always picking up little items and knick-knacks for home repair. We recently bought a new doorbell there, honestly, the lovely chimes they offer is superb. I personally like to buy my flowers there every year. Next stop, Home Depot! Dad will love you for it!!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.