Fear Free Food Cookbook

Okay, let’s start off with a truthful admission. Most of us do not have a peaceful relationship with food. We’re constantly judging and berating ourselves about everything we ingest. Right? If we eat something that is not on our ‘allowed list’, we feel guilty and ashamed of ourselves for cheating, yet again. We adamantly promise tomorrow is absolutely going to be better, but it usually isn’t. Our anxiety and weight rises and self-esteem and body image plummets. Does this resonate with you?

This love-hate relationship makes us crave our favorites foods in secret. Foods we can’t imagine living our lives without the pleasure of enjoying them. Frustrated? Wouldn’t it be nice to stop calorie counting, cutting out any food groups, and find a way to eat nourish ourselves with tasty healthy foods, including the ones we love and enjoy, in our life? Well, there is — Fear-Free Foods will show you how to break free from the toxic messages of the diet culture, develop a guilt-free relationship with food once and for all and so much more.

fear-free food

Fear Free Food

The author, who recovered from an eating disorder, created this book for those who are so fed up with diet fads and traps, the rigidness of clean eating, and the restrictions of various food groups. Instead, the book will gently teach you how to nourish your body while developing a worry-free attitude towards food. The book in divided into three sections – Part 1 Fear-Free Eating, Part 2 Fear-Free Nutrition, and Part 3 Fear-Free Recipes.

Part 1 starts off with the psychology of eating – why we eat, worry about what we eat, ditch the diet mentality, and how to turn that around to eating freely without guilt and stress.

Part 2 discusses calories, nutrients, supplements, common food fears, superfoods, and healthy eating. The book dispels common nutrition myths that can make us feel anxious or guilty around food and give us the confidence to make better food choices that will nourish our mind, body, and spirit.

Part 3 shares over 80 tasty recipes that are easy to make and yummy to eat. This section begins with kitchen essentials and then goes right into creating wholesome meals — Busy Weekday Breakfasts, Lazy Weekend Brunches, Lunchbox Ideas, Simple Salads, Speedy Midweek Suppers, Family Feasts, and Fakeaways, Sides Sauces Dips and Dressings, and Cakes, Bakes and Sweet Things. Fear-Free Food shows you how to feed your body with nutrition and not get into the mind space of dieting and deprivation.

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