Festive Christmas Tree Ideas When You Don’t Have the Space!

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to putting up our Christmas trees and decking them with a variety of festive themes. Some think the tree should go up in mid-December, others the day after Halloween. Every family has their own personal date they traditionally erect their tree. Beliefs, viewpoints and judgments aside, one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season is putting up our trees and transforming them with decorations.

This argument is redundant if you don’t have the space to put up a tree. If you live in a small space, finding the right nook and cranny might not be plausible. Here is where we can tap into our artistic intuition and come up with an alternative to a large Christmas tree. Here are a few simple ideas that just might work in your living space.

Limited Space

holiday Christmas tree design - deposit

Not everyone has the space for a large or small Christmas tree, especially if you live in a small apartment. You can buy holiday-inspired wooden cutouts that you can attach to your wall and shape into a Christmas tree. One year we cut out different shaped snowflakes, added some colorful glitter and shaped them into a festive tree.

lace Christmas tree - depositphoto

I love this conceptual Christmas tree. It’s elegant, contemporary and a piece of festive art that you can use over and over! Pull out any lace you have, cut strips into different lengths and design your own tree. Add your personal touch with stars, bells, beads, candy, or pictures!

abstract Christmas tree - pixabay

I love this abstract tree idea as well. Using baubles, small gift boxes and ribbon, you can causally craft a festive tree. Use poster board and glue, apply your colorful supplies in the shape of a tree. Did you know you can get colored glue… even with sparkles? You can wild with your imagination and creativity.

All of these options are inviting and will add some holiday ambiance to any room. These concepts are great ideas if you have pets as well. We have cats and they love to climb the Christmas tree, knock off ornaments, and have even knocked it completely over. That can get old real quick. These options are a wonderful alternative.

Origami Christmas

Origami Christmas - depositphotos

But, let’s say you do manage to squeeze a small tree in your space. A unique and cheerful way to spruce up not only your tree but also your home is with origami. There are oodles of origami instructions where you can learn to fold paper into holiday-inspired characters and objects. You can hang your handmade art from your tree, make a garland, make your own Christmas cards or table decor or give them as gifts. This holiday craft is frugal, fun and festive, and something the whole family can do together.