Baby Animal Finger Puppet Books

It’s never too early to read to your newborns and infants. Children enjoy hearing the soothing sounds of your voice; it’s as comforting as a hug. Reading is a perfect bonding activity and an important form of stimulation. Reading aloud teaches your child about concepts such as numbers, colors, and shapes, builds memory, listening, and vocabulary skills, and expands their imagination. Books offer children a visual connection to the words being read to them and they develop recognition skills.

Chronicle Books¬†exposes children to the enduring magic of words. Their objective is to inspire children to read by creating exceptional books that are instantly recognizable for their spirit, creativity, and value. I love all their children’s books and most recently I learned about their adorable new Finger Puppet Series¬†books.

Each book has seven thick sturdy pages that tell a simple story about the animal being presented. The best feature is the sweet, little, plush finger puppet in the center of the book. As you turn the pages, the puppet is always visible through the peek-a-boo hole and part of the story. Kids love these books; they’re visually appealing and add a unique dimension to reading. They get to meet the various animal, see what they look like, and learn about their environment.

The stories share what each animal might do during the day and night, what they eat, and how they play. They’re written at a level where infants and young children can grasp the scenario.

The charming illustrations are colorful and cute and will captivate your child’s interest for a lengthy time. Children notice very little detail from color to size to shape.

The books are quite hardy and can take the bumps and bangs that are bound to happen. They’re small enough for little hands and perfect for traveling.
Disclaimer: I received complimentary products for review only. Opinions are my own, your’s may differ.