First Children’s Dictionary

A dictionary is a useful tool when it comes to pronunciation, grammar, parts of speech, gerund, the meanings of words and so much more. Most dictionaries though are plain informative books with no real curb appeal. They just get to the point and fulfill their obligation as a lexicon and sourcebook. As adults, we don’t mind, but they don’t really encourage kids to crack open the spine and navigate through the pages. But DK Books offers an attractive reference book created just for kids, it’s the First Children’s Dictionary. And kids love it.

First Children's Dictionary

The First Children’s Dictionary is a beautifully illustrated interactive reference book designed for kids aged five years and older. Its cover image will inspire kids to explore and learn. But, it’s more than a dictionary. It’s a valuable asset for looking up the spelling and meaning of words, sharing opposites, contains spelling notes, word collections, sharing fascinating insight into the world of words, dictionary skills and so much more. This dictionary is divided into two main areas, the ‘How-to-Use’ and Word Collections.

  • Alphabetical order
  • All about words
  • More words
  • Using the dictionary
  • Animals
  • At the beach
  • In the city
  • Dinosaur
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Ghosts and fantasy
  • Growth
  • Horse
  • Insect
  • Night life
  • At the park
  • To the rescue
  • Robots
  • Shape up!
  • Space
  • Sport
  • Time
  • Transportation
  • Weather
  • Spelling tips
  • Writing
  • Facts and figure
  • Animal families
  • Map of the world
  • Acknowledgments

The First Children’s Dictionary is one of the best laid out reference books I’ve seen. It has over 4,000 entries and over 800 eye-catching illustrations and graphics. The words are listed in alphabetical order and each new letter section is highlighted and enlarged at the top left corner. And the complete alphabet is running down the edge of each page so kids can sort words out in alphabetical order. Some of the words have pictures or images as a visual aid and to create interest. All the definitions are written so young kids can understand and grasp the meaning quickly.

Each word is written in bold letters followed by its part of speech, what it means, an example sentence, some extra information like opposites, irregular forms (paste tense or plural) and word collections. Plus, each section will have a collage of images featuring a specific letter. It’s an amazing tool that will assist kids with their spelling skills and improve their vocabulary and comprehension abilities. Every home should have one.

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