Fitness Classes to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Fun

Well, we ushered in another year and now we’re faced with owning up to our resolutions. I think the most popular resolutions are ones designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Did you make any of these resolutions?

Despite initial enthusiasm, many of us abandon our resolutions after a few weeks have passed, and that may be because we lose interest or set some unrealistic goals. To remedy the loss of interest, fitness enthusiasts may want to explore group classes offered by many gyms. These classes offer a change of pace from traditional workouts while still promoting weight loss. Here are some fun classes that may be offered at your local gym.

Barre Workout. Inspired by the postures of ballet, yoga, dance, and pilates, barre classes blend isometric exercises with targeted strength training. The workouts are designed to give you strong, lean, and chiseled bodies. Many barre classes incorporate some free weights and a ballet barre. But, the majority of the workout relies on our own body weight and balance.

Spinning. Spinning is an indoor kick-butt cycling class that has tons of benefits. It burns massive calories, improves cardio health, it’s low impact, tones your butt and legs, builds your core, and improves mental strength.

spinning exercise

Skyrobics. SkyRobics is fairly new. It’s a fun low-impact exercise that combines some core training, calisthenics, and strength-building aerobics. It’s about 70% more effective than bouncing on the trampoline or jogging for 10 minutes. Rebounding tones and strengthens and drains your lymphatic system. It also facilitates toxin removal and the movement of nutrients throughout your cells. Bouncing is such an effective workout. It enhances your balance and coordination, agility, flexibility, and much more.

TrampoLEAN. Want to bounce your way to a gorgeous body? As the name suggests, TrampoLEAN offers trampoline classes that focus on specific body parts. Your legs will get a workout with a string of specific exercises including a variety of jumps, kicks, squats & more to keep your heart rate up. You’ll learn how to do the warm-up, jump properly, and motive your inner athlete. Great for all levels of fitness.

POUND Drumming Classes. POUND fuses several fitness programs to create a full-body cardio session. From yoga to pilates to small isometric movements to jump training, you’ll experience a meaningful 45-minute workout. Strength training and drumming can burn up to 600 calories and sculpt those infrequently used muscles. So, put on your favorite beat and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer body.

Hula Hooping. Using a hula hoop is no longer just for kids, it’s become an exercise and dance phenomenon. It will help you develop core strength and sculpt your abs, improve your spine strength and flexibility, tones your muscles, works the obliques,  plus improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Kangoo Jump. Kangoo Jump is exercising using junky rebound shoes. These cool shoes were originally developed to reduce the harsh impact on joints from jogging. They’re ideal for anyone, from the casually interested exerciser to the hardcore runner. Kangoo Jump is becoming popular, so contact your local gym to see if they offer some classes. Kangoo Jump is shock-absorbing, pain-free, and tons of fun. You’ll get an amazing workout that helps tone your legs and derriere.

Fitness Classes

Bollywood Dancing. Bollywood dancing has many key health and fitness benefits, in addition to those already associated with dance exercise. Benefits are: boosting coordination and rhythm, tone key muscle groups such as the calves and the core, increases oxygen supply, relieves stress, joint lubrication, and it’s fun.

Pole Dancing. Pole dancing increases your heart rate and offers some isometric moves for a total workout. It boosts your confidence, it burns lots of calories, relieves stress, you’ll become more limber, good for bones and joints, good for heart and blood flow, improves balance, and you’ll sleep better.