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Flaunt Firm Looking Skin, Drenched in Moisture with Balaayah Black-Gram Body Booster!

Ever heard of an intensely moisturizing oil that leaves a “MATTE” finish?! Ever heard of an oil that not only moisturizes but also “HYDRATES”?! Introducing Balaayah Black-Gram Body Booster!

iYura Black Gram Body Booster

Once you get to use it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! This double-benefit body oil is THE only thing you need for those sultry legs (and arms, and tummy!) No, we’re not talking about them “dry oils” that are barely oils, mostly chemicals! We’re talking about a 100% natural, true, good Ayurvedic oil made of pure nature –

iYura’s newest body oil is here! Black Gram is not just any ordinary oil! This extraordinary blend is a masterpiece of Ayurvedic artistry. It’s an ingenious invention that doubles up as a hydrator and moisturizer, bringing in the intense penetrating power of 8 potent herbs. This formula brings skincare health to a whole new level.

*Contains “Black-Gram” for 100% natural, superlative moisture as well as skin-plumping and Rock Salt for its hydrating properties!
*Contains 8 potent Ayurveda herbs
*Firms skin, makes lines and c(w)rinkles appear less prominent
*100% natural
*Perfect for daily use
*Provides moisture and hydration
*Specifically Vata-balancing designed for dry skin to give ultra-moisturized, yet none sticky skin
*No mineral oil, parabens or chemicals
*Vegan. Not tested on animals.

What’s More?

Over time, your skin’s self-confidence will increase and you will experience better-nourished, softer-feeling, more robust looking skin day after day. Black Gram has such surprising benefits for your skin, that you will be amazed!


  1. Can you please say how to best use this oil? Apply after shower and leave on, or massage into skin, then shower? Thank you in advance.

    1. Take enough oil for your moisturization needs and massage in a downward motion all over your body until the oil is well absorbed. Work on one area for at least 2-3 minutes. Wash off before wearing any clothes. You can use this oil both as a pre-shower deep moisturization body mask, or as a leave-on moisturizer after your shower.

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