Foot Reflexology and Earth Grounding

While most of us know that eating healthier and taking supplements can improve our health, there are other sources of healing. Our feet are a prime example. The bottom of our feet can tell us a lot about our health and lurking health issues. Feet can show evidence of disease even before it shows up in other areas of our body. Foot reflexology is a Traditional Chines Medicine modality. Various massage and pressure points connect specific areas on the feet to our organs, glands, nerves, and other parts of our body. With the right guide, we can up our health level by learning to do this at home.

Foot Reflexology & Acupressure

Foot Reflexology & Acupressure

The Foot Reflexology & Acupressure, A Natural Way to Health through Traditional Chinese Medicine is a handy guide that provides us with a basic understanding and general overview of the principles and concepts of TCM and its fundamental approach to optimal health. The book is divided into four main chapters –
*Chapter 1: Understanding Foot Reflexology and Acupressure
*Chapter 2: Acupoints and Reflex Zones in the Foot
*Chapter 3: For Treatment of Common Ailments
*Chapter 4: For Health Maintenance

Our feet have 77 reflex zones and 65 acupoints and each corresponds to one of our internal organs or other tissue. When we stimulate these areas, we can alleviate some of our health issues. And this little guide is the perfect introduction to this modality. It covers 53 common diseases along with ten types of therapeutic approaches.

Chapter 1 covers the benefits of reflexology, the tools you’ll need, and goes over FAQ’s including cautions and contraindications. It also covers how to perform reflexology by showing images of basic techniques. Chapter 2 gets into the ‘how to’ by showing where the meridians and acupoints are located on the body. It features a full-color image of the plantar side of both feet and where our organs and body parts are located. Chapters 3 and 4 go into treating various common conditions. The instructions are clear and each step is shown with a set of photos so you can duplicate the treatment. They also include illustrative diagrams that show the body part and acupoint for that specific treatment. It’s a great book for those wanting to add foot reflexology as part of their health maintenance.

The Earth Prescription

The Earth Prescription - grounding and connecting with earth energies.

The Earth Prescription, Discover the Healing Power of Nature with Grounding Practices for Every Season is a practical guide to the healing power of Mother Earth. You will learn to bond with nature and live a more vibrant life just by walking barefoot on the earth. It’s called grounding and it can affect our health. The book is divided into 2 parts and 9 chapters.

Part One

  • 1. We are Conductive Beings: Earth Energy Always Moves Through Us
  • 2. The Whole-Being Support We Received from Deep Connectivity
  • 3. A Sense of Spiritual Connection to All

Part Two

  • 4. Summer Fun in the Sun
  • 5. Autumn Displays and Gathering Your Bountiful Harvest
  • 6. Staying Grounded with Warm in Winter’s Depths
  • 7. Spring Blossoms with Your Fresh Vibrancy
  • 8. Answers to Your Biggest Questions about Grounding
  • 9. A Vision of a Fully Grounded Humanity

Most of us are in our homes too much addicted to online social connections and other screen activities. We don’t get out enough to breath fresh air or walk the earth barefoot. Each of the four seasons offers ideas on how to connect with the ground and that can include a plethora of activities- or nature prescriptions. Activities like wading along the shoreline, outdoor yoga, or Tai Chi, starting a garden, one-minute grounding prayer, candle making, bonfire, and many others allow us to connect with the earth’s healing energy. They will increase our joy, peace, and allow us to get centered. These earth prescriptions can also lower blood pressure, reduce depression and stress, and significantly increase happiness.

With the guidance of this book, you and your family will learn to incorporate these healthy practices during any month of the year. Chapter 8 is important to read. It answers important questions and informs readers on how to ground consciously and safely. The Earth Prescription is a great resource for those seeking to heal and connect with earth energies.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.