Healthy & Happy Feet for Summer with Footlogix Moisturizing Mousse #diabeticfeet #diabetesfeet

I can be unkind and thoughtless to my feet. Regardless of the season, I really don’t like wearing sock or shoes if I can get away with it. I’ll go barefoot in all weather conditions, even snow without giving it much thought. The consequences are that I now have to deal with dry, itchy, cracked, calloused, and unattractive feet. I’ve sought relief with some lotions, but they’re not made specifically for foot issues, so they don’t really deliver any noticeable results.

With summer approaching, I want to get my feet healthier, happier, and prettier. I’m always on the hunt for an effective product that’s been designed explicitly for overstressed and neglected feet. I was recently introduced Footlogix Medical, and after reading about its benefits and seeing the before and after results, I felt it would help my feet.


  • heal cracked and dry skin
  • absorbs immediately
  • allows skin to breathe
  • increase skin elasticity
  • infuses essential moisture
  • gently, naturally exfoliates


Are your heels dry, cracked, and too painful to deal with? Healing them means more than just having beautiful feet. It also means treating the pain and annoying itchiness associated with these skin conditions!

The reason Footlogix Medical works is simple: it’s formulated to carry the active pharmaceutical ingredients right into the layers of the epidermis, reaching the targeted areas of the foot and bringing relief right where you need it. Its hygienic applicator system is sealed to prevent air from entering the container; so, as your damaged skin is repaired, it is also protected from infection.

Dealing with itchy and dry skin can be exasperating, but, Footlogix Medical made a significant difference. With just one application, you’ll feel and see a noticeable difference. The mousse will absorb very quickly leaving your feet feeling soft and smooth. It also means you don’t have to sit around; you can just apply and go!

It’s been a week since I started using Footlogix Medical and I can’t believe how much better my feet feel and look. The skin between my toes use to itch, flake and peel and I confess I didn’t help the situation by pulling away the loose skin until it bled. Remarkably this cleared up quickly with some attention and a few daily applications of Footlogix Medical. The deep moisturizing qualities of the mousse has left the cracked and rough skin on my heels silky and supple. The burning sensation on my arches has also disappeared. I’ve finally found a product that walks the walk and provides noticeable results. I feel like I’ve got control over my skin and can maintain my foot health with daily use. I like the way my feet look now and I’m no longer embarrassed to wear sandals.

It’s recommended you apply the mousse twice daily for the first two weeks, then daily for optimal results. It’s also important to mention that Footlogix Medical is gentle and safe enough for diabetics to use, most lotions cannot claim this.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. But, all opinions are my own, yours may differ.