FujiFilm XP90, Your Vacation Camera Giveaway #MyFujifilm

Most of us have to book our summer holidays early in the year, but we don’t get too excited or start planning any details until the weather starts warming up. This year our vacation entails hitting the hiking trails and being out in nature with our backpacks and kayaks. About a month before we go, I make a list of the gear we have to take, and that always includes a camera. In the past, we’ve had issues with carrying bulky cameras that in the end, take up too much space, are clumsy to wear, and don’t really capture our experience.

But now, looking for a compact and reliable camera with lots of features, including WiFi, has never been easier, enter the new Fuji XP90 Digitial Camera! It’s the newest member of the Fujifilm FinePix XP Series. It takes photos, videos, fits in any pocket or pouch, is super lightweight and lots of fun to use.

Fuji XP90 Camera

The Fujifilm XP90 is available in several colors and comes with a lithium-ion battery, USB cable, AC adapter, wrist strap, and a user manual. The only thing you’ll have to buy is a memory card. The side of the camera has a compartment where you insert the battery and memory card plus this is where you will also find the USB and HDMI ports. If you need more help or visual instructions, you can watch their informative videos. As a visual learner myself, I found these very useful.

The XP90 has so many awesome features that it would be impossible to share all of them, so I’ll share some of the basic and a few of the special options.

Fuji XP90 camera colors

The Fuji XP90 is ideal for all vacations, but especially those energetic, rough, and tough ones. If you’re big on outdoor trips or extreme sports, then you’ll resonate with the XP90’s features. It’s shockproof – 1.75m (5.8 ft), waterproof – up to 15m (50 ft), freezeproof – 10° C (14°F), dustproof against sand or dust, and basically goof-proof. It’s a fearless camera that goes where no ordinary camera can. It’s designed for inclement weather and can be taken anywhere from snorkeling under tropical waters to mountaineering frigid icecaps.

Fuji XP90 camera

This 16-megapixel rugged beauty has a 3-inch high-definition 920K-dot LCD monitor that has an anti-reflective coating which is ideal for bright and sunny days. It has an internal high performance 5x optical FUJINON zoom lens (28 – 140mm), which means that you can zoom right up to the action, even underwater.

If you’re not a photographer or are not sure what mode to use, the SR Auto mode will automatically select the optimal setting for the scene or shooting condition. A symbol on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen will show you what mode it’s using. The SR Auto mode is my favorite; it’s intelligent and hasn’t let me down yet. But, get to know the features so you can tell the camera what you are about to shoot and select your own mode, scene position, and advanced filters.

With the weather so lovely already, we took our kayaks out for a spin in a nearby mountain lake. We had the chance to try out a few features, and we were impressed. While moving through the water, the camera automatically went to Action mode to take this shoreline photo.

Action mode

For the image below we used HDR, high definition resolution mode, which prevents washout and captures tonality in bright scenes. We were chasing a flock of geese that were not happy with our intrusion, so we used the zoom to get a better shot. The camera is always in wide-angle until you press the zoom button. Although our day was gloomy and our target at a distance, the XP90 still captured crisp, clear, and vivid colors that make you feel like you’re part of the scene.

HDR, high definition resolution mode

The Landscape mode allows you to get great scenic, action, and even group shots. We took pictures of the mountains on land and on the lake and loved the results.

Landscape mode

Landscape mode

The Flower mode is effective for taking more vivid shots of flowers. It captures the delicate details and all the pretty colors. You can almost smell their fragrant scent.

flower mode

Some of the other cool features are in the Advanced Filter selections, and I was anxious to try a few. In Partial Color, you have the option of choosing a single color like red, green, yellow, orange, blue, and purple. This mode will isolate one color from the background. Your photo will only show that color with the rest of the image being in monochrome. I chose green, and the color really showed up nicely.

Advanced filter

Another awesome feature is the Sketch mode. It creates a line drawing of your image. You can liken it to a coloring book page.

Sketch mode

The Pop Color mode will emphasize contrast and color saturation. The colors are deeper and richer, making them so impressive.

Henderson Lake

The Portrait mode captures people and animals with soft overall tones. Face Detection mode will identify faces and automatically adjust focus and exposure to optimal results. Pets are a little tougher to catch photos of as they won’t sit and pose for you. But even in semi-motion, the XP90 caught a great image of my rascal cat.

Piper the cat

The Night mode allows you to capture photos taken in the evening or night. I took this photo around 5 am, so the sun was not up yet. I was happy with the clear and detailed image produced. I remember being on vacation and not been able to capture some great scenes because my camera did not have a night setting, so this is a great feature to have.

Evening shot iwth Blossom

Taking a panoramic scene is so easy as well. First, select Motion Panorama 360 mode, then you have to press the shutter button and glide the camera to over the panoramic scenic you want to be captured. If you’re trying to catch an action shot in motion, then the Burst Mode Button will definitely capture the action with the continuous shooting toggle button. You can also take normal and time-lapse videos.

The XP90 is equipped with a WiFi remote control that allows you to connect with your smart device whether you’re running IOS or Android, using the Fujifilm Camera Remote app. This software is free to download. You can actually remotely control the XP90 to take pictures or videos. And, you can also transfer images from your camera to your smart device.

WiFi remote control

The Fujifilm XP90 has so many versatile shooting modes that make photography fun. I had a blast testing them out. It has every option you need to create that one of a kind memorable photo. It’s a must-have for all your holiday adventures, and I will be taking it on my vacation this year.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.