Fujifilm X-A2 Camera #MyFujiFilm #FujiMoms

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But, the nature of those words is reflective of the quality of the picture. That would suggest the importance of having a top-notch camera. Here, I’m taken out of my realm. Although I love photography, I’ve shied away from cameras that are, what I deem, high-tech. I find them complicated and intimidating. Plus, many high-end cameras break the budget. I’ve had many cameras, but simple ones that even kids can operate. Alas, they’ve never delivered caliber photos. So, is there a compromise? Yes, there is, and it’s all thanks to Fujifilm.

Fuji X A2I was recently introduced to the new Fujifilm X-A2 camera; an entry-level camera in the X-Series line of digital cameras. It has an attractive nostalgia look, it’s ultra-lightweight and user-friendly for newbies like me. It’s ergonomic; all the buttons are harmoniously close, so there’s no strain on your hands or fingers. Most of the key functions can be done one-handed. It’s available in three neutral colors, brown, silver, and black. The liberal use of metal with a contrasting color is quite attractive, and I decided on the black.

Fuji selfieThe X-A2 is bundled with an XC 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 II Lens, User Manual, My Fine Pix CD Rom, Li-ion battery NP-W126, Battery Charger, Lens Cap and Shoulder Strap. The battery life is good up to 410 frames thanks to its power-saving design. It’s Super Intelligent Flash, will deliver the right amount of flash automatically. It has a 3 inch, 175-degree tilting LCD screen that flips all the way to the front so you can take that perfect selfie. There’s no doubt that selfies are here to stay so it’s nice that Fuji has created an effective solution with this camera. Say cheese! The selfie timer is 10 seconds long with a 2-second delay. The lens has a minimum range of 15mm so you can get that flawless close-up. For distance images, you can zoom up to 50mm.

The X-A2 has an abundance of features and attributes that I found a little daunting at first, but the user manual is so informative that I was able to grasp the information easily. It’s changed my whole perception of cameras; there’s no need to shudder at technology. I stepped out of my comfort zone and had lots of fun learning, using, and creating with this camera.

Fuji modesWith it’s 16.3 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor you’re guaranteed clear and crisp images. There are 12 different shooting modes, and the most user-friendly is the Advanced SR Auto mode. It will automatically select the most appropriate settings from the 58 recognized scene types instantly. All the guessing is done for you, just press the shutter and enjoy the stunning photo quality. I love this feature.


I love going for hikes or walks along nature trails. The scenery is peaceful and this time of year, it’s breathtaking. The photo below has such true color; you feel like you can walk straight into the scene.

Fuji nature3
Even on gloomy days, the vivid colors are captured and memorialized. Both nature shots were taken with the SR Auto Landscape mode. I didn’t do anything to enhance or alter the image; I just snapped the picture. It’s so easy to use this mode; it’s virtually goof-proof. I know, it makes me look like a pro right?

Fuji nature 2aa

The X-A2 is also quick. With its high-speed response, you can capture images in motion. In the Quick Start Mode, it will go from SLEEP to ON it takes about 0.5 seconds. Some cameras have a hesitation that can be exasperating if you want to get that ideal picture. But, this awesome camera did not let me down. I was so delighted that I captured this bird ready to land on the fence. I’ll never miss a magic moment again. This photo was taken in SR mode as well.


Some of the toughest images to capture are evening photos, at least for me. I haven’t been able to get a decent and discernible night shot until now. Recently we experienced the lunar eclipse, and I was determined to get a picture of the Blood Moon. Using the Night Mode and a tripod, I was able to snatch a gorgeous shot of this rare event.

Fuji Blood moon

Now, I dipped my toes into the Advanced Mode, which allowed me to create some visually unique photos. I love Geraniums and have them in pots all over my yard. The first photo was taken in standard SR Mode and shows the natural color of the flower. The center photo was taken using the Advanced Filter, ‘partial color red‘ option, which only captures the red in the photo; the rest of the image is black and white. This is so amazing! The last photo was taken using the Pop Color Filter. It adds more vibrancy, intensity, and color saturation to the image. I love all three!

Fuji focusAnother filter I tried was the Dynamic Tone. It adds more dimension and is used for a fantasy effect. I have a before and after shot below showing the entrancing difference.
Fuji park dynamic

This filter is wonderful, it adds vivid hues and depth that are not obvious in the first photo. It has the appearance of a quaint painting. I find it alluring, and it magically draws me in.

Fuji park dynamic

I love my cats, but capturing a nice photo of them is nearly impossible. Using the SR mode that has face recognition and eye detection, it automatically went Portrait Mode. You’ll get a green box around the face and a white box around the eye, so you know you’re getting the best possible focus on your subject.

I managed to catch two of my cats looking into the camera and quickly snapped a picture before they moved. I love the details and the perfect colors. If you’re taking photos of people and want that perfect complexion, select Portrait Enhancer on the mode dial. It will lighten skin tones for a clear and smooth look.

Fuji face image

You can also take awesome videos with this camera and it couldn’t be any easier. You press the movie recording button to start and again to stop. That’s it.

Fuji camera app

Thanks to the wireless Fujifilm Camera app, you can quickly upload your photos directly to your phone. There are a few steps involved to make this happen:
1. Install the Fujifilm Camera app.
2. Take your photos.
3. Go to your phones Wifi settings and make sure you choose the Fujifilm Wifi connection.
4. Go to the Fujifilm Camera app.
5. On your Fuji X-A2 make sure you’re in the ‘playback mode’. Press the Fn button and then select your images for transferring. They can be transferred individually or in a group of 30.
6. Go back to your phone’s wifi settings and uncheck the Fuji Wifi connection.
7. Now your photo’s are ready to be shared with the world!

Knowing very little about cameras, I was impressed with how easy the X-A2 was to learn and put to use immediately. There are many more attributes to this camera; I only shared the basics. And, I’m still learning just how marvelous this camera really is. The simplicity of its features is appealing to a newbie like me, so you’ll feel confident using it at the onset.

Life is about enjoying the moment and capturing those incidental happenings and landmark occasions with a reliable camera. If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly, high-quality camera that’s easy to use, then I this is your baby.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.