Fun and Easy Origami for All Ages

Origami is the ancient art of folding paper into beautifully finished sculptures from simple boxes to more elaborate pieces like flowers and animals. In Japan, this skill was handed down from parent to child and was used for religious ceremonies only because the paper was quite expensive. Today, this art form can be practiced by anyone who is willing to learn this craft. And one of the best ways to learn is through books and kits, and there are plenty on the market for both beginners and experienced Origami artists. Kits come with instructions and paper to make a variety of projects and that might be the best way to start this beautiful art form. Here are some supplies you might enjoy.

Fun & Easy Origmami Kit

The Fun & Easy Origami kit contains everything you need to create some paper-manipulating projects. The kit includes 96 pieces of gorgeous 6-inch solid colored and patterned paper + 2 gold foil sheets, and 2 booklets with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions to make 30 projects.

Book One

Worm * Flying Fish * Pop-Open Heart
Flower with a Leaf * Birthday Card
Wind Toy * Airplane
Treasure Box * Drop Earrings
Hungry Bird * Dragon Puppet
Save the Seal * Bird Party Basket
Spaceship * Secret Message

Book Two

House * Cat Finger Puppet
Greeting Cards * Secret Valentine
Jump-up Flea * Coin Trick
Coyote Tells a Story * Boat with Keel
Happy Clown * Mask
Stingray * Car
Dollhouse Bed * UFO

With easy-to-follow step-by-step written and full-color illustrative tutorial instruction, kids and adults can follow along and make the projects with ease and grace. Plus, there are some helpful suggestions offered for each project. Kids will be inspired to make some cool designs like mobiles, holiday ornaments, and fun gifts. To amp up the fun activities, you’ll need more origami paper like the packs below.

Origami Animal Prints double sided paper

The Animal Prints Origami Paper has 49 sheets of 8ΒΌ inches (21 cm) high-quality double-sided assorted prints and colors. These include 6 animal prints and 1 gold foil paper. You also get an 8-page leaflet that includes basic origami folding symbols and instructions for six easy-to-make projects. These include a Tiger Mask, Zebra, Cat Head, Cobra, Panther Cub, and Crocodile.

Origami Nature Photos double sided paper

The Origami Nature Photos paper is stunning. Featuring 300 pieces of high-quality 4″ x 4″ vibrantly colored paper that includes 12 different nature designs. They’re all double-sided with the reverse having a harmonious color to compliment the print on the front. You can do so many different projects with this paper. You are only limited by your imagination.

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