FurReal Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Plush Toy

The Lion King is one of Disney’s most beloved animated films. Like with any movie, we get involved in the storyline and become attached to the characters. The Lion King introduced us to the adorable and enchanting feisty little lion cub named Simba. This delightful and playful little lion has endeared us and warmed our hearts for many years. We’ve often wished we could pick him up, pet him and cuddle him. Well, now we can. Hasbro has created the furReal Lion King Might Roar Simba interactive toy, and he’s the pride of a lot of kid’s joy.

furReal Lion King Might Roar Simba

furReal Lion King Might Roar Simba

Simba, the Lion King, comes with a grub on a leafy branch play snack and instructions. To operate this precious lion, you’ll require 4 C batteries, which sadly, are not included. The battery compartment and the on/off switch are hidden on his tummy. He will go into sleep mode when kids are not playing with him to preserve the batteries, but it’s best to shut him off.

Simba’s face is just so loveable and beautiful with realistic details. His big eyes, pink tongue, and sweet expression will capture your heart. Petting is a must, his fur is super cuddly soft and his paws are big and textured. Simba’s sensors can be found on his back by pressing a button, his forehead and in his mouth.

Responds to Touch and Sound

What’s really special about Simba is that he responds to touch and our voice with over 100 sound and motion combinations. Plus, this clever cub can hum, purr, giggle, burp, talk and will speak familiar movie phrases, so kids can have an interactive pretend-play conversation. Simba is quite loud though and there is no way to adjust the volume. This includes his voice and the mechanics of the toy.

100+ Sound and Motion Combos

When you put his toy in his mouth, he’ll react with cute eating and chomping sounds. When you talk to him, he’ll respond with words, phrases, roars, and charming cub sounds. But most of all, Simba loves to roar! In fact, he’ll challenge kids to a roaring contest to see who can roar the strongest!

Simba also moves from a standing to a crouching or bowing position. You can also move his legs manually to keep him in either a standing or laying down position. His tail, head, ears, and body will move while he is in motion. Plus, his eyes and mouth also open with most responses. This little Lion King is so interactive, looks realistic and is just an overall playful, awesome interactive toy.

I received a complimentary toy from Hasbro to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.