FurReal Friends Review ~ Holiday Gift Ideas!

Every Christmas season the kids will hang onto catalogs and flyers filled with games and toys. The pages will be worn and torn as they dream and pine over the newest and hottest toys on the market.

Hasbro is one of our family’s favorite toy companies. They supply us with the most fun, joy, and excitement every Christmas. One of the cutest toys they carry is the FurReal Friends Bouncy. This delightful little FurReal Friends Puppypup uses light sensor technology to sense when you are near or your touch.

Bouncy’s mechanics is on his tummy. There is a sturdy velcro strip that covers the switch and the battery compartment so little fingers will have a hard time opening it. There are three switch choices, off, on and try me. When you put the switch on try me, you will have to press an area on the lower back or forehead and the dog will make happy excited puppy sounds. When the switch is on ON, Bouncy will bounce, turn in cheerful circles, bark and make more happy puppy sounds. After a minute of inactivity, the toy will go into power save mode.

The toys are very soft and furry and the little kids just love snuggling with Bouncy. The eyes, nose, and tongue are attached very well and have survived hours and hours of little fingers exploring the puppy’s face.

We found Bouncy works on rugs but works a little better on wood for linoleum floors. It runs on four AA batteries so the kids have many hours of fun ahead. What a sweet and engaging gift this toy would make for a child 4+ years this Christmas.

Bouncy can be purchased at Walmart, ToysRUs, and SuperStore.

Disclaimer: I received FurReal Bouncy for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.