FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn

The holiday season is here, and the toy stores are well stocked with every kind of merrymaking product. The malls are bustling with excited families checking off their Christmas shopping list. One name that is akin to holiday fun is Hasbro. They know how to enjoy life and have fun, so they’ve created toys and games that will delight every child and put a smile on their face. One awesome toy that caught the attention of a few family members is the new FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn! This magical creature is adored in fairytales and folklore worldwide, and now you can have one of your own!

FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn!

This lovely little unicorn arrived in style with equally as beautiful packaging. She’s incredibly soft and plush and has big doe eyes and sparkly purple wings. Her multi-colored mane and a yellow tail can be combed and braided. She comes with a purple heart necklace and a purple sugarberry. She has a plethora of features that are so captivating, and she responds to you with over 100 sound and motion combinations.

FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn!

First you’ll want to install 4 C batteries, which do not come with the toy. StarLily is very interactive and has sensors all over her body. She offers unique responses when you press on specific parts on her body. If you press the button on the middle of her back, her wings will slightly flutter, her head moves and music plays. Scratch her jaw line, and she’ll move her head, wings, and one hoof, and music will play. Touch her sparkling purple horn and it turns different colors reflective on her mood. Pink means she happy, purple means tired, and green means she’s hungry. That means it’s time to feed her some sugarberries. She senses she’s eating and will make cute little noises.

StarLily has babble back technology, so when your child talks to her, she will respond. Her legs are flexible so she’s posable. You can move her legs into a sitting or stretch them into laying down position. Her eyes are so realistic; they sparkle, blink, are highlighted with glitter eye-liner and super long lashes. She’ll sing, murmur’s and playfully moves her hoofs.

StarLily is definitely going to be a hit this holiday season. She retails for around $150, but I’ve seen her on sale for $96. She can be found at Toys R Us, Sear, Walmart and other retails stores. Ideal for ages 4+

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.