FurReal Walk-a-Lots Big Wags and Lil’ Wags

Kids love walking the family pet. But dogs, whether big or small are strong, fast and very active. These loveable lugs can yank free from our kid’s grip and cause potential owies. But, Hasbro has created the perfect solution for kids of all ages, the furReal Walk-a-Lots! And they come in two different sizes, Big Wags and Lil’ Wags, so no child is left out of a pet walking experience.

furReal Walk-a-lot Big Wags

The furReal Walk-a- lot Big Wags feature a variety of adorable pets who love to go for walks. They’re soft, fuzzy, cuddly and have captivating big eyes. Each pet comes with a cute collar, handle, connector, instructions and a leash (2 pieces) that can also be connected to other leashes. That means kids can walk more than one pet at a time. The leash connection is on the center of the pets back and cannot be removed.

The underside of the toy has a roller so it glides easily on most surfaces. Push the toy with the leash and its head will bobble, make loveable sounds specific to each animal, wag its tail, and strut its bouncy little walk. Kids can use the shorter leash to walk their pets along table surfaces or attached the 3 pieces needed to extend the leash so they can take a walk on floors. This includes the connector, the longer leash piece and handle. The center connector allows kids to attach 2 Lil’ Wags (sold separately) to the leash. Now kids can take all their pets for a walk.

The toys come with 3 batteries, but there is no on/off switch. But, the Big Wags will go into sleep mode and preserve the battery life when the kids are not playing with them. You would have to take the batteries out if you want the toy to completely shut down.

We received the cute Big Wag Kitty – appropriate for our four cat household. She has beautiful markings, soft fur, plastic tail and reacts to any touch. She meows, purrs and makes other sweet little sounds. And she measures about 9 inches tall if you include the ears. Younger kids may need help attaching and removing the leash and hooking up the connections. Recommended for ages 4+ and retails for $29.99.

furReal Walk-a-lot Lil’ Wags

The furReal Walk-a-lot Lil’ Wags are the perfect companion to their larger counterparts, Big Wags. The Lil’ Wags come with a colorful collar, leash, handle and instructions. They also have the roller under their tummy for easy and smooth movement. As you push the Lil’ Wags their tales will move, but they do not make any sounds or need batteries. Their leash connection is on the center of their back and it can be turned to the right or left so a Lil’ Wag can walk alongside a Big Way comfortably.

The furReal Walk-a-lot Lil’ Wags come in an assortment of adorable domestic, exotic and fantasy animals. Their bodies are soft and fuzzy with a moveable plastic tale. They’re approximately 5 inches tall and loved to be walked. Kids can clip the Lil’ Wags leashes together and walk them in sync or they can attach them to their favorite Big Wags.

We received the darling Lil’ Wag Monkey. He has velvety blue fur, an attractive hot pink collar, and the most endearing little face. He’s easy to push and great for toddlers. They may need a little assistance attaching and removing the leash. Recommended for kids ages 4+ and retail for $12.99.

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