Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

New Year’s resolutions are fairly predictable, most people want to quit a bad habit, get a better job, find their soul mate, etc,. By far, the most popular resolutions are to improve one’s diet and get our bodies into shape. Come January 1 we’re totally committed to eating healthy and balanced and getting to the gym. A couple of weeks into the new year, we’ve cheated a bit and skipped a few exercise days. Slowly our resolution develops fractures to the point where we’re back to our old habits. Enter Gaiam.

I think where many of us fail is thinking that weight loss and exercise are events. Events are things we look forward to coming and then going. A healthy diet and regular fitness program are habitual choices that we commit to every day, it’s a mindset that requires seeing yourself vibrant, fit, and healthy in the long-term.

Eating healthy and exercising can be done in our home, we don’t have to complicate things by joining a diet or fitness club. I found an awesome product that will ease our transition into a more balanced lifestyle, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

The Balance Ball Chair is incredibly versatile and so much fun to use. The chair comes with a thick, durable PCV frame, a professional grade anti-burst 52cm (20.5″) exercise ball made from vinyl, (I’m sensitive to latex so I’m happy about this feature), an exercise DVD, a quick reference desktop guide and an air pump. It’s good for people 5′ to 5′ 11″ tall and can bear up to 300 lbs. The exercise ball fits perfectly and securely into the PCV frame, but it can be removed easily for floor workouts.

Many of us sit for endless hours at a desk and might not be consciously aware that we are damaging our bodies. Our posture is pathetic, our core is weak and flabby, and our muscles are aching and crying for some movement. Using the Balance Ball at work will have a very positive effect on your mind, body and spirit. We need to add some bounce into our workday and this chair will do just that.

The Balance Ball was developed by a chiropractor, so it’s ergonomic and designed to improve our posture and circulation. It’s so lightweight, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a pocket of air. With regular use, you’ll strengthen your core and lengthen and strengthen your spine.

The accompanying desktop guidebook shows how to actively use this chair during the workday with specific exercises. They’re easy, fun to do and stretch muscles that will improve our physical well-being. Before performing any of the exercises, you’ll need to lock the castors. The proper sitting posture has your back erect and not leaning against the back bar. As I went through the exercises, I was surprised at how out of shape my core really is. My old office chair allowed me to slump back and develop poor posture. I’ve been using this chair at my desk for a few weeks and slowly my strength is returning. It’s wonderful and refreshing to be able to stretch and move during a workday and know I’m doing something good for my body.

gaiam balance ball exercise

The DVD focuses on using the balance ball with pilate and yoga moves. It has four sections, the first covers the fundamentals where you’ll learn how to balance on the ball and use proper breathing techniques. The other three sections are separate exercise workouts. You can do one at a time, or if you’re brave and willing, do all three. Although the moves are gentle and easy, you will definitely feel their effects the next day.

This product is so well made and can handle lots of roughhousing from rambunctious kiddo’s. I have four pets and from time to time they will jump on the chair, so far I’m impressed, no punctures! The wheels spin smoothly and lock securely, so no fear of slipping or falling off the chair.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is unique and will inspire us to stick with an easy to do the program. What a great way to start the year and honor your resolution and successfully reach your personal fitness goals. Swing by Gaiam and check out their other fitness products.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.