Gaiam Balance Ball Stool

Living in a high tech world, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced the convenience of working from home and taking online classes. It’s become so commonplace in our society, and no one thinks twice about it. But enjoying the comfort of our home has allowed us to become lazy and we sit slumped on the couch with our laptop or legs crossed in front of a computer for hours on hours every day. This has led to a plethora of postural problems from back pain to lower back pain to neck pain to weak abdominals to strain on the spine to rounded shoulders. Certain muscles will tighten and shorten while others will lengthen and become weak.

To break these bad habits and correct our posture there are several steps we can take. We can do stretches, yoga is fantastic and we can start using the Gaiam Balance Ball Stool.

Gaiam Balance Ball Stool

The Balance Ball Stool comes with a pump, instruction sheet, and requires assembling. The instruction sheet has several diagrams that walk you through the construction steps. It took me about 20 minutes or so to put the chair together and pump up the seat. There are also separate inflation instructions. You have to inflate the seat, wait for 24 hrs, deflate 50% and then inflate again. Care instructions are also given so we can keep this stool in prime condition for the many years ahead.

It’s an unusual, but pleasant experience sitting on the Balance Ball Stool. It forced me to sit straight so my spine could stay aligned — I could feel my vertebrae pop back into place and it felt great. You cannot slump or sit crooked because you’ll lose your balance and feel uncomfortable. I definitely feel it in my core. Every little move I make requires me to tighten my abs so I maintain my balance — it’s like a mini-workout. Who would have thought a chair could improve my posture and strengthen my core!

The height of the chair is adjustable and it fits under my desk perfectly. The wheels roll smoothly and glide across all floor surfaces easily, and you can swivel 360° on this baby giving you flexible mobility. If you’re like me you may have the habit of putting my feet on the base of a chair. You can still do that with the Balance Ball Stoll and maintain good posture. The instructions do not share how much weight the stool can bear, but it has an anti-bust seat and was able to hold my husband’s weight of 225 lbs.

Using the Gaiam Balance Ball Stool is a great way to activate your sit. You’ll feel better and you’ll start noticing that you have less back and neck pain. My family and I really like this ergo-friendly stool and use it a lot. I practice doing Mudra’s and that requires a straight spine, so the Balance Ball Stool keeps me aligned. It’s perfect for our home. I just want to mention that last week I went to my dentist and the assistants there actually had these very stools. They said it helped reduce back and leg pain significantly and improved their posture. They loved the Gaiam stools.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.