Gaiam Fitness

Getting exercise in during the summer months is easy with the abundance of gorgeous weather. Swimming, hiking, biking, and walking are so beneficial for your well being. But, if you’re like me, some days I just crave some variety. I need to do different activities to keep my motivation and interest up. That’s why I like Gaiam Canada; they always offer a plethora of fun and inspirational fitness DVD’s and accessories. I do have a yoga DVD or two, but they’re advanced and I’m not even remotely able to keep up with them.

Walk Away Pounds Yoga Basicsย 

This DVD is absolutely for anyone who is looking to learn the basics of yoga. Leslie calmly guides you through all the poses. What I really like is how clearly she explains them, while showing you the proper technique. I’ve tried different poses before, but ended up hurting myself. Once learning the correct stance and posture, I’m totally diggin’ yoga. The DVD has 2 workouts, plus the introduction. The first one is a one-mile walking workout with yoga movements included, and the second one is actually doing the yoga poses. They are all gentle and so easy on the body. It may feel like you’re not getting a workout until you move the next day. You will use muscles you forgot you had. I really enjoy using this DVD.

No yoga program is complete without a yoga mat. Gaiam has several yoga mats in various colors and thicknesses. As an eco-friendly person, I look for sustainable products, so the Sol Suddha Eco Mat completely resonated with me. It’s made from eco-friendly TPE which is 100% recyclable & biodegradable. Its dimensions are 61cm x 172cm x 4mm and employ a fabulous closed-cell structure that forbids any moisture, germs, or odors from being absorbed. It has a textured non-slip surface that feels so nice on the feet. There is no break-in time, and it’s incredibly sturdy. I love that it’s reversible, one side is green, the other blue, and each has a different textured pattern. I love it.

I was also introduced to a really cool product for stretching. The Restore Multi-Grip Stretch Strap is designed so we can achieve deeper and powerful stretches along with increased flexibility. It comes with an exercise guide that shares a few stretches.

yoga straps

The strap itself has no stretch at all, it’s a sturdy cord with multiple loops along one side. You slip your hands and feet in the loop that feels comfortable and stretch, it’s as easy as that. If you have a hard time stretching, reaching, bending, or doing a pose, this strap will gingerly encourage your muscles to stretch. I find it gives you the support and balance you need while you’re engaged in the stretch. It’s helped me increase my range of motion a little at a time. I did not feel any stress or strain while stretching because I’m in complete control of the pressure. This product is really handy to take anywhere, you can take it to work, the beach, the gym, and on vacation. It’s a clever and innovative product. I’m hoping they come out with a DVD with more stretches.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.