Gaiam Restore Products

We can be hard on our bodies, and at times tax it to the max. We stand, run, walk, jump, climb, twist, bend our way throughout the day without too much thought. Let’s be honest, most days we fail to show our bodies any kind of compassion or TLC. Rough days can leave us stiff and sore, but chances are we’re not listening to our body or observing these visible signs. Working out the kinks and built-up tension with a massage would leave our bodies refreshed and restored. Here is where Gaiam’s Restore gear comes in.

Gaiam’s Restore products are a line of trendy fitness tools that will keep our bodies strong, limber, and ready to take on anything life throws our way. They are effective for injury prevention, recovery, and physique building. So, what are these tools?

Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Deep Tissue Roller

The Deep Tissue Roller is ideal for circulation. The wavy-like ridges and texture encourage blood flow, tissue relief, and muscle stimulation. It comes with an exercise guide so you can get the best results in the fastest time.

I was a little surprised when I saw the length of the roller; most on the market are about 6 inches wider. But after using it all over my body, I appreciate the size. It’s great for any area of the body and will work out the hot spots with gentle and strategic self-massaging rolls. I use it mostly for my back and legs. I injured my back many years ago moving a heavy patient, and it’s a constant reminder. Ironically, the exercise chart did not have any exercises for the back, but I found a few on Youtube. When you first use this tool, it will feel hard and painful as you glide over any tender spots, but if you stick with it or 30 – 60 seconds a day, you’ll start to notice less pain and more flexibility and motion. It has helped out many days when my back was throbbing; I use it about every second day and it’s making a difference. I also like how well it’s constructed. It’s made from a high-quality dense foam that’s durable and easy to clean.

Back Stretch & Relax

Gaiam Back Stretch & Relax with Ergonomic design

The Back Stretch and Relax tool also encourages blood flow and muscle stimulation with its unique textured surface. Its ergonomic wedge design safely and effectively stretches the spine, improves flexibility, and promotes proper alignment. It comes with a downloadable exercise guide that’s available online through the US site.

I like the wedge shape. It’s optimal for all areas of your back and core and just the right size 18” L x 12” W x 3” H. The first time I used this product, I could feel and hear my spine pop back into place. I immediately felt relief from the lower back tension I have. Although some family members did not like the surface, I did. It was somewhat uncomfortable at first laying on the little pressure points, but they enhanced all the stretches. I enjoyed an upper backstretch, it released tension in my shoulders and neck as well. I use it mostly for stretching, but it’s also designed for exercise. It’s great for toning your core and obliques; just follow the exercises included on the download. You can call it a little bulky, but it’s incredibly lightweight and made from sturdy foam. It cleans easily and stores away nicely.

Balance Cushion

Gaiam balance cushion

The Balance Cushion is an inflatable cushion that will turn your chair into an active workout. With constant micro moves, it will improve your posture, strengthen core muscles, and boost circulation.

The Balance Cushion comes with an inflation needle, which you’ll have to attach it to a compressor or air pump to inflated or deflated. You can gauge or adjust the pressure to accommodate your comfort and firmness preference. It’s 15 inches in diameter so it will fit on any surface. It doesn’t say how much weight it can tolerate, but my family weighs anywhere from 30 to 200 lbs and there are no signs of stress or weakness.

One side of the cushion has a really cool textured surface that feels nice to sit on, and the other side is totally smooth. As soon as you sit on this cushion, your back will straighten, and your posture will significantly improve. I also noticed that my core muscles had to work continually to maintain balance. I sit at my desk for many hours a day, so I need to improve my posture. I love this cushion; it doesn’t look like it will make a difference, but the proof is in my sore abs.

These awesome products are excellent tools for taking away tension, soothing painful areas, and showing our bodies well-deserved kindness. They’re great for post or pre-workouts or rehabilitation after an injury. They’re budget-friendly and don’t require a gym membership. I think every home should have these items. Swing by Gaiam and check out their other fitness products.
Disclaimer: I received a product to facilitate a review. All opinions expressed are my own. Yours may differ.