Gaiam Workout with Jillian Michaels

When it comes to exercise most of us coil into a corner and avoid the subject. Why? Most likely it’s because we haven’t made it fun. For me personally, I need variety or I get bored. I also don’t like to jump into hardcore workouts, without getting fit enough to perform the moves. Here’s where Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred is perfect.

jillian michaels shred dvd

Jillian Michaels has the presence of a drill sergeant and can instill the fear of God in you. I find in most of her DVD’s she’s quite loud and demanding, but in this DVD, she shows a warmer, more compassionate side, which was a nice change. This is a 30-day program with 3 separate 20-minute workouts that burn calories and build lean muscle. The first two workouts are more about strength training, whereas the third is a nice combo of cardio and strength. The workouts are quite nice and somewhat easy to do, you can upgrade just by changing to heavier weights. Jillian walks you through every movement so you clearly understand how to perform each correctly so you can benefit physically. Great workout DVD!

EZ Flip Bottle

Working up a sweat requires an increase in the volume of water we drink. Gaiam’s EZ Flip Bottle is a fabulous product to use anywhere. It’s made from a Tritan plastic, which means it’s odor and stain-resistant and can tolerate subfreezing and boiling temperatures. It’s also BPA free and has a gorgeous frosted glaze look. It holds 710 ml (24 oz) and has an awesome cap that includes an attachable plastic drinking straw. You flip the mouthpiece up and it becomes the straw, push down and it prevents any leaks. The bottle I have is punctuated with inspiring and motivating words. Great for the gym, office, school, and on the go. The EZ Flip is a great gift idea.

Sure Grip HeadbandTo top off this prize pack is the Sure Grip Headband. What’s worse than having your hair flopping, or sweat running down your face during a workout? This headband is 5 mm (2 inches) wide and is made from moisture-wicking fabric. It has great stretch and a very narrow silicone strip in the center to offer massive control of your hair. It’s a nice two-tone, black/charcoal and cocoa/Maldive. I also use it when I wash my face, it’s so great at keeping the locks away while I cleanse and moisturize.

With these products by your side, or in your gym bag, you’re guaranteed a comfortable workout so you can focus on your moves.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.