Gaiam Yoga Accessories

This winter was really harsh and even today we have heavy snow falling. For most of us, this means doing one form or another of an indoor exercise program. One of the most beneficial exercises is yoga. Fad programs come and go, but the classic discipline of yoga is here to stay. Regardless of your fitness level or weight, you can start and accel at your own pace. A good yoga instructor will show you how to modify each pose. Soon you will notice that you can stretch deeper, some weight is coming off and you feel your chi flowing. Yoga has a plethora of benefits.

Benefits include:

more flexibility
♥ increased muscle strength
♥ stronger spine
♥ perfect posture
strengthens bones
♥ increases blood flow
increases circulation
♥ boosts immune system
♥ drains lymph nodes
heart healthy
♥ improves balance
♥ mental clarity and focus
relaxing and calming
♥ deeper sleep
♥ improves lung capacity
♥ improves self-esteem
inner strength & guidance

If you’ve taken any yoga classes, then you’ll have noticed everyone brings their own gear which can include a yoga mat, foam blocks, a strap and perhaps a towel. I get all my yoga gear and accessories from Gaiam Canada. Their products are good quality and they have a diverse selection to choose from.

Yoga Duffle Bag

One of Gaiam’s handiest accessories is their Yoga Duffle Bag. It’s roomy enough to fit all your gear and personal items.  20″L x 7″W x 11″H.

It features 8 pockets total, including 2 water bottle pouches, 4 zippered pockets, an easy access inner pocket, large main compartment, and a secure yoga mat holder. You can easily get a change of clothes and two yoga blocks inside the main compartment. Also inside the main compartment is a large pouch and a zippered compartment – I always put my earrings, necklace and watch in this area so they don’t roll all over the place. In the outer zipper, I carry lotion and any after class necessities I might need.

The Gaiam Duffle Bag is lightweight and comes in two dual colors, black/grey and heather grey/lime green. They’re made from 100% durable Polyester with a 100% nylon liner so it’s easy to clean and take care of, just wipe with a damp cloth. Although this bag does not have shoulder straps per se, you could still wear them on your shoulders comfortably. The duffle bag is a handy accessory and makes gym life so much easier.

Restore Cold Therapy Massage Roller

Even a yoga workout can leave you with sore muscles for several days, especially if your a newbie, taxed your muscles or you’ve been inactive for a while. Although this is natural, it’s important to tend to these muscles and cold therapy massage is a great solution. It will relieve strain and reduce inflammation. The Restore Cold Therapy Massage Roller is naturally cold and will offer relief to the inflamed area.

This innovative tool retains its coolness for twenty minutes and can be used on any part of the body to reduce soreness and increase circulation. When you use the tool, you can hear the gel fluid moving inside the barrel. When the barrel gets too warm, you can place it in the fridge or freezer for about 20 minutes to get cool again. It’s compact and has a stainless steel massage barrel with easy-glide bearings and an ergonomic, sure-grip handle. I thought it worked great on my shoulders and lower back where I get the most tension. It feels cool and soothing to the area and I did feel relief. It’s a great restoring tool to use every day.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine, yours may differ.