Gaiam Yoga For Students

With kids from kindergarten to college seniors just recently getting back into the scholastic grind, a whole new set of pressures – be they academic, social or family – make their way into students lives. New friends, new curriculum, deadlines, peer pressure, unreasonable teachers, bullying, anxiety, health issues, prejudism, self-imposed high-achiever expectations, and the list goes on. Plus sitting at a desk or computer screen for hours on end fulfilling incessant assignments can cause their bodies to tighten up, become strained and take a serious toll on their emotions and physical state.

There are many ways to deal with these daily pressures and strains and one of them is yoga. The gyms are full of people taking yoga classes to de-stress and find their inner zen. As simple as it sounds, this discipline has many profound attributes that students can benefit from.

Yoga teaches children various techniques that can assist them in all areas of their life aside from school. Yoga encourages and enhances self-esteem, body awareness, breath work, flexibility, core strength, concentration, balance and coordination, and a sense of calm and relaxation — all of which help students achieve higher grades, improved cognitive skills and more success in life. It also fosters cooperation, kindness and compassion.

Kids are always willing to try something new and they don’t have to leave home to test drive yoga. It can be done at home easily with just a few items. I get my yoga supplies at Gaiam Canada because they carry quality supplies for all ages — toddlers to adults. I just got a new Gaiam mat and I’m enjoying the cushy feel and its full-length coverage.

Yoga Performance 6mm Mat

If you’ve done yoga, then you know there is a variety of thicknesses in mats. They can range anywhere from 2mm to 6mm, and once you have tried the thicker mats, you’ll never want to return to the thin ones. The extra cushion softens the impact on the joints, knees, hips and back.

The Performance 6mm Yoga Mat offers extra performance cushioning and has a non-slip surface. It’s reversible with not only two unique colors sangria and grey but also two different textures. The sangria side has a pretty pattern, but a smooth texture and the grey side has a rippled texture which is great for preventing slipping. It’s made of non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable eco-friendly TPE. Its closed-cell engineering seals out odor, germs and bacteria making it safe for everyone to use. It easy to clean and rolls up nicely for the next use.

Sling Mate

The Sling Mate is the ideal companion to any yoga mat. It’s the easiest way to carry and store your yoga mat in between workouts. It’s made from a durable nylon and comes with a detachable 6″ x 3″ carry case and a keyring clip which is perfect for your phone, keys and other essentials. The ends snap snuggly around yoga mats of any size, giving you hands-free freedom.

Disclosure: As a Gaiam Ambassador I receive special perks. All opinions expressed here are solely my own, yours may differ.