Gaiam Yoga Gear

Well, another year has rolled around and it’s back to the same old resolutions. You know the ones — weight loss, eating right, exercise, blah, blah, blah. I’ve abandoned the resolution philosophy for more lifestyle goals instead. For many resolutions just don’t work because they feel like a demand you’re forcing yourself to comply with. You only made the resolution because you think you must but deep down it feels against your grain. If it doesn’t feel right, you won’t follow through, then comes the guilt. Instead of following the crowd, make small lifestyle changes that resonate with you, whatever that may be. For me it’s yoga and Gaiam is the place I get my gear.

Gaiam offers yoga supplies from mats to blocks and straps to bags to accessories to DVDs. They also carry other health, fitness, apparel items, kids gear, and more.

Boho Folk Reversible 6mm Yoga Mat

I personally like the diverse selection of yoga supplies Gaiam carries. Colors, prints, and patterns can affect your mood and creativity, so I choose colors that represent my personality. I love the double-sided Boho Folk yoga mat. The deep green is peaceful and the intricate pattern is very tranquil.

I’m into blissful comfort, so I opt for the thicker yoga mats like the 6mm Boho Folk mat. This mat offers extra cushioning and padding against hard surfaces so there is no discomfort on your knees, back and butt. It also provides a firm surface with the right amount of stickiness so you can maintain your alignment and poses longer. The traction on the mats also prevents slipping and injuries. The Boho Folk mat is made of latex and free from the 6 most harmful phthalates. Being on a yoga mat naturally gets me into a zen space where I can shut the world out and focus on my workout. Ommm!

Bamboo Sling Bag

Carrying your gear from home to the gym requires a handy all-purpose bag. Yoga bags come in all shapes and sizes and should be big enough to store your gear – clothing, mat, towel, block, socks, water, and your keys. The Bamboo Sling Bag is made specifically to carry your yoga mat and all your essentials.

It’s roomy and I was able to get all my gear in without any problem. The bamboo is referring to the print on the bag, not the material — it’s actually made from 100 % cotton. It’s lightweight, pretty, and cool on the body to carry.

Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners DVD

Yoga is one of the best exercises if you’re looking for a long lean body. Shot in Hawaii, Rodney Yee’s video is tranquil and soothing to watch and participate in. The DVD includes two workouts and one Pose Guide. Whether you’re a newbie like me or experienced with yoga, watching and learning about posture and alignment is enlightening. Most videos do not show you how to perform each pose, so I found this very beneficial.

Each of the other two full-length workouts gives you three options, you can watch with Full Instructions, Pose Only, or Inspirational Instructions. Full instructions give you all the details, how far to spread your feet apart, lengthen your waist, etc. The Pose Only is just that. You don’t get the extra instructions, just which pose to do next. The Inspirational Instructions are more enlightened and enhance your wellbeing. They share our connection to Earth and how to stay centered. The inspirational workout is my favorite.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.