Back to Nature with Gaiam Yoga Gear

I get up early in the morning to do my QiGong and Eden Energy Medicine, then I like to go for a walk before breakfast. There is a beautiful park not far from my home where I enjoy walking and very often during the summer, I’ll see several groups of people doing their yoga routines. Yoga can be done anywhere, but being outside can enhance your practice. The fresh air, lots of sunshine, and tranquil surroundings all contribute to a healthy and healing environment.

Spending time in nature reduces stress, replenishes depleted energy, heightens our awareness, and allows you to find your balance. You just feel so much better. All you need is your yoga gear and a zen place to practice. I personally use Gaiam yoga products because I love their quality, variety, and beautiful designs.

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat with Print- Icy Paisley (2mm)

Ever roll out your yoga mat and it rolls right back up? It doesn’t stay flat. This has been an ongoing problem for many, including me. Gaiam has a Foldable Yoga Mat that is lightweight – only one pound, compact, will still fit in your carry tote and doesn’t need to be rolled up.

This pretty paisley printed mat has tranquil teal tones that are soothing and peaceful. The mat is 2mm thick and ideal on soft surfaces like grass. It has a sticky texture for superior performance and grip, so you’ll be able to maintain any pose no matter what the surface beneath. Some may prefer to do their yoga right on the grass, but I find that I slip too much and prefer the non-slip surface of the Folding Yoga Mat. I’m able to keep my pose without constantly repositioning my feet. When you’re done your workout, you simply fold up your mat and go. No rolling, no unraveling, and no fuss. I like this mat a lot.

Grippy Yoga Socks

Yoga socks are not a new idea, but fresh styles with cool features are now available. Yoga socks keep your toes separated and warm and have little silicone grippy dots on the sole for added stability and traction so you can confidently maintain your stance.

Some people may enjoy going barefoot while doing yoga, but there are several very good reasons why we should wear them. First, yoga socks are comfortable, they’re far more hygienic then going barefoot and protect your feet from germs, dirt, debris, bacteria, and whatever else is on the floor. Some people get sweaty feet and struggle to keep a pose, so yoga socks are an easy solution — they absorb moisture and keep your feet dry. Plus, yoga is about being present, and this not possible if you’re losing your footing. No mat? No problem, you’ll be able to keep your pose without any slipping.

The Grippy Lace-Up Socks with their ballerina-inspired lace-up design are becoming and add a fashion sense to yoga workouts. There’s no reason why we can’t look great while striking a yoga pose, Pilates, Barre, dancing or other forms of exercise.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.