Gaiam’s Roller Massagers

One of the quickest and easiest ways to relieve tension and muscle pain is with a massage. I personally don’t dig going to massage therapist; it’s time-consuming, costly, and it feels odd to me. Thankfully Gaiam has a line of therapeutic massagers and restorative tools that you can use in the comfort of your home.

Gaiam’s Restore Line offers various sizes and shapes of rollers that target every part of the body. They can ease pain from injuries whether sports-related or not, and add relief to stiff and sore muscles. I got to try a few out and I really like them.

Dual Zone Back Roller


This cute little dumbbell-shaped roller is made of hard plastic. Its surface has textured nubs that are raised slightly to stimulate blood flow and encourages quicker healing time. It’s specifically designed to cradle the spine so that you can apply pressure to relieve muscle soreness and tension while providing corrective therapy. It offers relief and support to the lower back and between the shoulder blades. It can also be used to massage and stimulate the muscles along the whole spine. You might also like it behind your neck. The Dual Zone is quite small, spanning approximately 16 cm, so it’s only going to affect a limited area.

When I first used the Dual Zone, I found it quite hard and uncomfortable. But, as I continued to use it, my muscles starting relaxing and enjoying the small stretch it provides. I’ve used it upĀ along my spine and between my shoulders. I even heard a few pops where my spine went back into alignment. The small kiddo’s in my family had fun putting their small feet on this tool and rolling it. I like the size too; it’s portable so you can take it anywhere, like the gym. MRSP: $14.99

Pinpoint Back Massager

The Total Body Massager is also made from a sturdy hard plastic. It’s a long thin roller that has 4 independent spinning rollers between two Sure Grip handles. The surface of the rollers has indented grooves that allow you to go a little deeper. It’s used to relieve sore muscles, tightness, and stimulate blood flow. It’s a great self-massage tool and it comes with access to a downloadable massage guide. You can basically use it anywhere on your body.

Sure Grip massage rollerThe Total Body Massager flows smoothly over your skin and feels so nice. You can apply and adjust pressure according to your needs. I found it you press too hard, the rollers will not move, so moderation is needed. I use it on my legs and arms after a workout and it feels great. All in all, it’s a handy tool and definitely provides relief. MRSP: $19.99

Ultimate Foot Massager


Gaiam’s Dual Foot Roller is a tool that I use on my feet a lot. It has two massage options with a different texture on each side. One side has long thin strips elevated which enhances blood flow, and the other has pebbles that aid in muscle relaxing. Together they relieve soreness, stiffness and even offer relief from plantar fasciitis and other foot pain.

I started off using the Dual Foot Roller for about a minute or two on each side. It was a little tender a first, but now I like to use each side for about 5 minutes or more. It feels awesome on the soles, especially after a long walk or run. I also have my feet on it while I’m working on my computer. For added relief, you can put the Dual Foot Roller in the freezer for about 30 minutes. A friend of mine used to freeze water bottles to get this relief, now she no longer has to. MRSP: $24.99

Gaiam has several other massage products in the Restore line. Swing by and check them out!

Disclaimer: I received a product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.