50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit

One of the greatest and most practical things to learn is how to knit and crochet. I was lucky enough to be raised in a yarn store, so I learned very early on how to create handmade goods with needles and hooks. The trend to learn these skills is ongoing, young and old are eager to master this art. There are volumes and volumes of craft books from beginner to master knitter or crocheter. Both are hobbies that I find so enjoyable, relaxing and productive. They’re also mobile hobbies that you can take with you, plus you can do it all year round.

I’m always looking for new and exciting books that offer a variety of projects to make regardless of the skill level. I recently found a newly released knitting book that grabbed my attention. It’s ideal for beginners, Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit, The Ultimate Easy-To-Knit Collection! But, I think everyone would appreciate the 50 cute projects offered in this book. They’re so easy to make, and many of you will be able to create a garment in a day.

50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit

What I love, love, love about this book is the vibrant images. You can see the end results and what colors they used. The patterns are varied and versatile; there’s something for everyone. I love making baby and children’s garments, and the Girl’s or Boy’s Pocket Cardi was just too darling to resist.


What’s so great about this pattern is that you can use up bits, pieces, or half balls of yarn. You’re only limited by your imagination. I found three small leftover balls of yarn that I think look harmonious together.


I also whipped up a hat using contrasting but pleasing colors. It was made on a straight needle, so there is a seam at the back. If you are willing, you could use a circular needle and save some sewing time. There are several hat patterns in the book for men, women, and kiddos and each has its own design and cool texture.

All the patterns are well written, clearly explained, and easy to follow. They guide you effortlessly row by row until you’ve created your colorful masterpiece. I’ve gleaned a lot of appreciation for the garter stitch. The delightful projects featured in this book just go to show how the beauty of a simple stitch can be manipulated into a stunning garment. The shawls, blankets, booties, bags, booties, toys, and more are simplistic but reflect accomplishment.

Making handmade garments and gifting them is a joy I’ll never tire of. It’s a gift from the heart and my friends and family love receiving them. If you’re looking for a fun and easy knitting book, then I highly recommend¬† 50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit. It’s a great addition to my collection.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.