Getting Cheesy on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, for cozy cuddles, for romantic rendezvous or maybe even a clandestine tryst. It’s a day that affords us the opportunity to say “I love you” in our own unique way. Many of us like tradition and will give the usual flowers and chocolates, especially if we have a sweet tooth. This year, why not think outside the chocolate box and let your inner Romeo or Juliet get a little cheesy this Valentine’s day.

Castello is the king of specialty cheese and their history goes way back to 1893, when a passionate Rasmus Tholstrup, decided to dedicate his life to cheese making. Over 120 years later, the story continues, with Castello being sold in over 50 countries. Castello Blue Cheeses have earned the distinction as The World’s Finest Danish Blue Cheese in multiple competitions over decades.

Castello cheese, board and utensils

Award-winning Castello cheese along with a fine wine is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner where you can whisper sweet nothings and enjoy each other’s attention. Castello offers a wide variety of cheese; several different Blue cheese, a couple of Reserve cheeses and a Brie cheese.

The Brie is a cheese that demands an acquired taste. For those who love it, it’s fabulous when served at room temperature along with crusty bread or crackers, fruit, and apple cider. It’s a soft cheese with a lovely mild and slightly sweet taste. Awesome on a lazy hazy day. We make a great dip with Castello Brie, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, a few chopped olives, and a little red wine vinegar. It’s so ambrosial!

Yooo-da-laaaaa-heeee-whoooo!! We adore their delightful Alps Selection of cheeses. If you’ve ever had cheese in Europe, you’ll look back with fondness and remember the beautiful flavors. I can recall having Castello cheese in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, and the taste was unlike any other cheese. I forgot all about this cheese till recently.

Castello allows their cows to graze peacefully on the high alpine grasses and herbs so that their unique and time-honored recipes will not be compromised. My family completely loves all of the Alps Selection cheeses:
Chiantino Cheese is quite mild with a hint of chocolaty sweetness punctuated with their dry flavor of Chianti wine. Perfect for a snuggly snack.
Weissbier Cheese is buttery rich with a welcoming flavor of beer and a little nutty sweetness. Ideal for a lovey-dovey lunch.
Classic Cheese is my family’s ultimate favorite. To them, it tastes like smoky bacon infused with appetizing herbs. I’ve used it on sandwiches and in casseroles and it’s always a hit. It’s fond family food that stirs the heart and creates memorable moments.
Hirten Cheese is a divine dessert cheese with slightly sweet caramel overtone with hints of pine. It tastes wonderful over hot baked apple pie or any dreamy decadent dessert.

No cheese party would be complete without a gourmet cheese board. Castello has a must-have attractive and cleverly designed cheese board. It has a super smooth finish and a magnetic strip for your cheese utensils. I thought this was extremely useful; they stay on the board so your space is uncluttered. Great idea!

Whatever your plans are for Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to indulge in some romantic, fragrant, delicious, and oh so yummy Castello cheese. Honestly, it’s okay to be cheesy!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.