Girly Girl Storybooks

Some people can go a little or a lot overboard with gender-specific anything, including books. I’ve never excluded or isolated any books from members of my family. They were free to read any book that resonated with them whether it was a girly girl book about princesses or a macho book about trains, planes, and automobiles. I didn’t want them to be reluctant or embarrassed by their choice of books. Every one of the storybooks I bring into our home is embraced and enjoyed by both genders.

I recently received several new children’s storybooks that seemed like they would be aimed more towards girls, but the boys got thoroughly engrossed with these captivating stories.

Eleanor Wyatt Princess and Pirate

Eleanor Wyatt Princess and Pirate storybook

Storybooks give kids permission to be creative, to push their imagination out of bounds, and to role-play. This is exactly what Eleanor Wyatt Princess and Pirate are all about; she enjoys being a different character every day. One day she’s a princess and lives in a castle, another day she’s a rock star belting out a cool song. Or maybe being a ballerina, a fairy or ninja for a day is more fun. Eleanor puts her heart and soul into playing each role and has a blast doing so. The content is written in rhyme form that has a playful bounce that children love. Kids will enjoy the make-believe world of Eleanor as they both frolic through the colorful pages of this storybook.  Eleanor is relatable, amusing and interesting, plus the illustrations are awesome.


Honeysmoke storybook

Honeysmoke is a delightful story about a little girl named Simone who is a biracial child. She asks, am I black or am I white? She asks her mom, who says, color is just a word. She asks her dad and he says to her, you’re a little of both. Her quest continues as she asks her friends in school what color she is. She get’s a mixed review of answers. Simone painfully wants to know her color because it’s part of her life story. She matches her skin tone to various things in her classroom and one by one she rules them out. When Simone returns home she makes a discovery about her color, it’s honeysmoke!

With a lot of children being from multiracial families, this book is empowering. Kids want to know their ancestry and learn about the different cultures within their family. It gives them their own unique identity. For Simone, it was the color honeysmoke that represented both her parents. The story is heartwarming and the illustrations are captivating. It a great book that helps children to appreciate the variety of colors we all come in.

Just My Style

Just My Style storybook

Whether male or female, girl or boy, our hair means a lot to us. Just My Style is about a young girl named Anna and she is off to get her hair cut. But, she doesn’t want just any haircut, she wants a people-stop-and-stare cut! A full-of-fun-and-flair cut. A haircut that is totally her! On her way to the salon, Anna envisions herself wearing different hairstyles – shag, crew cut, poodle cut, ponytails, pigtails, page cut, and the choices go on. The illustrations are filled with bright and bold pink and blue colors and are quite expressive – Anna’s not afraid to share how she feels about how a hairstyle will look on her. I wonder what style she decided on. I know, it’s so her! Great book for the little girly girl fashionista in your family!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.