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Giving Back During a Crisis

Right now our world is in a crisis. A virus has spread rampantly throughout the globe and people are in fear. Right now we need family and community support, reassurance and encouragement. Mandatory closures, empty schools, depleting food supplies and an unknowingness have left a serious imprint on our society. With compulsory and self-imposed isolation, plus maintaining a healthy distance from our fellow man, there are those who still want to reach out and help. We know this will pass, eventually, but there are a few simple things we can do to make a difference during these unpredictable times. Our support during this crisis demonstrates our giving nature and our willingness to look for actionable opportunities to help our community any way we can without imposing a risk to ourselves.

help during a crisis

Donate food to a local food bank. Many low-income families and homeless people will need food and other supplies more than ever now. If you can, give non-perishable items, even if it’s only a few bags of rice or beans or a few cans of soup. It will make a difference.

Shop for seniors or people with disabilities. Many of the elderly are not getting the necessary food and supplies needed to sustain their household. Many of them are frail and have health vulnerabilites, so they are afraid to expose themselves to potential illness. If you have a neighbor that needs help, reach out and offer your time. Or perhaps, take them shopping. Many big box stores are setting aside certain hours for seniors only, so they can stock up on food. Or, you may consider baking or making some meals for those in need.

help seniors

Be considerate, courteous, kind and balanced. There are people who are buying supplies and food sources completing out, leaving nothing for their fellow man. We want enough for our families, but we must consider others as well. Stores are trying their best to replenish supplies so everyone can stock their homes.

Stay calm. Frantic and frenzied reactions can lead to mass hysteria. Keep a level head and don’t let any situation overtake common sense.

Good hygiene. Wash your hands with good old soap and water. Cough or sneeze in a tissue or on your sleeve. If you are ill, stay home and rest, don’t infect your community.