Goddess Tarot & Creative Smudging

With more ‘at home time’ due to Covid, many of us are revisiting hobbies we dropped along the way or interests that piqued our curiosity years ago. We always used the excuse that we don’t have the time to invest in something new, but maybe now we do… for the moment. An enormous amount of people have been intrigued by the metaphysical or spiritual realms and all that they entail. Or perhaps you’ve wanted to respark and dive deeper into these subjects and feel the need to learn or add something new to your growing assemblage. Tarot and Smudging are two topics that may strike a chord or harmonize with our spirit or stir up lots of curious interest. Either way, I have two items that may inspire you to pursue your inner drive for tarot and smudging.

Pistis Sophia – The Goddess Tarot

Pistis Sophia, The Goddess Tarot deck

Every Tarot deck has its own theme, but most have 78 cards. The Pistis Sophia Goddess Tarot offers only the Major Arcana cards consisting of 22 and excluded the 56 Minor Arcana cards. As the name implies, the deck share Major messages for its users. Many tarot users see the Major Arcana cards as the main/important/significant messengers and the Minors Arcanas as revealing only subtle clarifications, and they prefer to bypass them. Also included is a guidebook that explains and interprets the meaning of each card. All are housed in a pretty decorative keepsake box.

Each of the cards is adorned with vibrant images of goddesses, holy women, mystics, martyrs, visionaries, and heroines. Every one of the cards shares a story that is inspiring and a message that is timeless. If you’re looking for guidance you can use the guidebook’s directions and create a spread for answers. I love the 10 Card Flowers of Blodenwedd spread. Back in the Victorian era, an entire language of flowers was developed. Roses denote love, bluebells with whimsy, daisies with innocence, and so forth. This floral spread reflects your outward appearance to those you meet. It includes the masks you wear, your behaviors, and answers 10 specific questions. Each message is associated with a specific flower and you may be surprised at how accurate it is! Pistis Sophia is a refreshing deck that also includes accurate historical information and facts along with intellectual delights that add to the meaning behind the cards. It’s aimed more towards intermediate to advanced tarot users, but beginners may still want to add this deck to their collection.

Creating Smudge Sticks

Creating Smudge Sticks

Smudging may be a word commonly used in your vocabulary or you may be curious as to what it’s all about. I think most of us are familiar with the term, but might not have partaken in this activity. Smudging is an age-old practice of burning sacred herbs and plants to clear and remove stagnant or negative energy from home or aura. The smoke acts as a purifier so this practice can be used anytime or anywhere. You’ve probably seen the traditional white buffalo or blue sage bundles in crystal or metaphysical stores. Or like me, you order it online because sage doesn’t grow in your area. But, my new book Creating Smudge Sticks, has given me a different perspective on creating and personalizing your own smudge sticks using herbs and flowers grown in our own gardens, harvested from nature or bought from reputable suppliers.

  • Courageous-Heart Smudge
  • Stress Relief Smudge
  • Happy-Heart Smudge
  • Pure-Energy Smudge
  • Love & Light Smudge
  • Anti-An xiety Smudge
  • House-Blessing Smudge
  • Peace & Protection Amethyst Smudge
  • Romance Smudge
  • Good-Vibes Smudge
  • Purification Smudge
  • Peace & Harmony Smudge
  • Festive Holiday Smudge
  • Wedding Smudge

We are all attracted to different flowers by their color, fragrance, shape and beauty. So in essence, you will be creating your own smudging bouquets from the herb and floral pieces you’ve grown, gathered or bought. But it’s also important to be aware of our intentions. All the included 15 project ideas are made with specific ingredients and with intentions that remove negative energy and promote wellness and positivity.

You can also bind certain crystals to your smudging bundle while it’s drying for the necessary 4 – 6 weeks in a cool dry place, so it’s infused with the frequency of that crystal. If you don’t have any sage, you can also use Palo Santo instead. I love all of these ideas.

Each project provides you with easy-to-follow step-by-step visual instructions, along with a list of herbs, greens, flowers and additional items, so all the guesswork and confusion have been eliminated for you. You’ll be eager to make each recipe and inspired to create a plethora of your own stunning smudge sticks with ingredients that are in harmony with your own energy. I love both of these Tarot and Smudging books.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.