Good Seed Organic Hemp

As a raw vegan, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked where I get my protein and various other nutrients from. Most people are unaware of how much protein/vitamins/minerals are in greens, fruits, veggies and seeds. One of my ultimate favorite seeds are hemp seeds and I include them in my diet every day.

The Good Seed is an awesome Canadian company that supplies its patrons with both organic and conventional hemp seed products. They’re an eco-conscious business that supports family-run organic farms, so when we buy from them, those farmers are getting our support and a fair price for their products and I’m all for that. Canadian grown hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious food sources on the planet!

I had the pleasure of trying several of The Good Seeds high-quality products and they are delectable. Hemp seeds are a valuable must-have superfood that I keep in my home at all times. They have an incredibly delicious nutty flavor and they are an excellent source of complete protein and essential fatty acids. They have a host of worthy attributes that deserve trumpeting.
Contains all the essential amino acids & fatty acids
Contains phytosterols which aid in lowering cholesterol
Lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular circulation
Helps attenuate arthritic symptoms
Promotes healthy hair, nails & skin
Hemp fiber helps with gastrointestinal issues
Helps strengthen the immune system
Loaded in fiber, B vitamins, iron & Vit E
and more…
Hemp is made into a variety of different products that are easily attainable. In addition to hemp hearts, you can also get hemp oil, hemp protein powder and hemp nut butter. The Good Seed carries several of these products. You can also find a multitude of baked goods like breads and cookies that include hemp products on store shelves.

I make a smoothie every day and I like to add hemp oil to the mixture. The Good Seed’s beautiful dark green hemp oil is cold-pressed and loaded full of enzymes and nutrients. It’s silky smooth and has a delicate nutty taste. Aside from smoothies I also add it to salad dressings, veggie dips, guacamole, and a multitude of various recipes for my family. Whenever a recipe calls for oil, just substitute it for hemp oil instead and you’ll enjoy its lovely subtle yet rich flavor.

We are huge hemp hearts and toasted hemp seed fans and love how versatile these products are. We put them in smoothies, on cereals and oatmeal, on desserts like ice cream, in soups, in salads, in baked goods like cookies and muffins, in vegan burgers, and so on. You get the idea, you can add these delicious seeds to any food or recipe. They’re also perfect as a snack.

The Good Seed also carries hemp protein powder. Here is another delicious all-purpose product. You can add this powder to any food. I put a heaping tablespoon in my smoothies and have also put some on my salads and sprinkled some on my fruit. Try adding some to your muffin mix and your family will thank you. Add some to your soups and sauces to thicken them. The little kids in my family love hot chocolate so I decided to add a tsp of hemp protein powder to the mixture and they really enjoyed it. They said it was like drinking hot peanut butter cocoa. Hmm, maybe I’m on to something here. You can’t go wrong incorporating this all-round delicious and nutritious product. I only use the best organic products in my meals and The Good Seed hits the mark perfectly.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.