göt2b Good Looking This Spring!

During the winter months, I don’t usually put a lot of effort into styling my hair unless I’m going somewhere special. I find wearing a toque or headband always flattens my curls anyway. Now that spring is fast approaching, I want my locks to look lush and lively and I’ve got the perfect products to make it happen.

göt2b hair care products

göt2b has a revolutionary NEW Rise n’ Shine product line that will add height, vibrancy, and a whole lot of attitude to your do. These products will hold up in any breeze, in my case it’s the Chinook winds. I get a little frustrated when my styling products don’t work. I want a sassy tousled and wavy look, not an unglamorous frazzled and tangled mess that’s anguishing to comb out.

göt2b Rise n’ Shine Radiance Bounce Whipped Mousse
After I shampoo my hair I like to add the Rise n’ Shine mousse for extra hold and uninhibited flowing curls. My curls last so much longer with this product and my hair remains soft and manageable. You really don’t need a lot to get great results.

göt2b Rise n’ Shine Glistening Full Blow Dry Cream is a nifty balm that will protect your hair from heat and offers static control. It also adds fullness and a brilliant shine to your hair without looking heavy with product. I’ve used this product on dry hair when I have static and it works awesome without leaving any filmy residue behind.

göt2b Rise n’ Shine Gleaming Height Pomade is fabulous for adding height and shine to your lifeless tresses. It has a cool pink iridescent look that feels a little tacky at first. You rub a tiny amount in your hands and work it through your damp hair and style as usual. My hair looked fabulous and kept my style rockin’ for the whole day without primping and fussing.

göt2b Rise n’ Shine Luminous Lift Hairspray is a light and misty spray that really adds super shine and body to your hair, it also has incredible longevity. Spray evenly on your style and use your fingers to pump up the volume. I really like that it keeps your trendy coiffure exactly where you want it to be without any heaviness, gummy feel or the nasty helmet head look.

göt2b Guardian Angel is exactly that. If your hair tends to get frizzy on damp days, then you will want this product. It tames and restrains the wild wooly look all day. It’s been proved to endure up to 90% humidity. It’s a perfect product to battle the elements with.

göt2b Glued is for those who need serious hold, we’re talking a screaming hold. Maintaining your outrageous spikes will be easy with this unrelenting wax. If you need to reshape your style, no fear, add a little water and mold your hair into something new. I personally have not used this wax, but the little kiddos had a blast with it creating some shocking looks. It’s actually a lightweight wax and is really easy to manipulate. So cool!!

I love all these products, they smell fabulous and they mean business. You can confidently style your hair and know it will last the day or evening.

Disclaimer: I received products for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.