Graceful Illustrative Coloring Books

Coloring books once a creative outlet for kids, has reached new levels of sales with adults. What started as a mere fad or trend, adult coloring has now become a full-blown obsession and perhaps a cry for some significant stress relief. Art therapy, color therapy, meditative therapy, or whatever you want to call it, coloring books offer us an escape from stress.

With the volume of ongoing anxiety we are experiencing, especially with our current health situation, more and more people are reaching out to sources that act as a positive therapeutic outlet. Coloring is a self-care activity that promotes mental wellness, joy, relaxation, quietness, mindfulness, creativity, and so much more. Coloring fosters self-awareness and also helps us improve our moods, motor skills, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Plus, it’s plain fun.

With all the positive benefits this pass time offers, more refined coloring books have been created with the adult consumer in mind. Here are two illustrative books that are filled with pages and pages of graceful art.

Brilliant Beasts Coloring Adventures

Brilliant Beasts coloring book

The Brilliant Beasts Illustrative Coloring Book features a beautiful collection of animal art. The artist used diverse geometric shapes, mandala-inspired contours, and elegant designs, prints, and patterns to create animals, critters, florals, foliage, and whimsical backgrounds. All that’s needed are sharp colored pencils and a dose of imagination sprinkled with inspiration.

Some of the animals included are elephants, Aarkvarks, geese, turtles, giraffes, hippos, sharks, butterflies, snails, kangaroos, bears, wasp nest and so much more. It’s a stunning book that has so many intricate details creative users will enjoy. The only disappointing feature is that the pages are not perforated, so you cannot remove them easily to hang or frame them.

Animal Odyssey Coloring Fantastic

Animal Odyssey coloring book

The Animal Odyssey Coloring Book takes you on a creative voyage under the sea, high in the air, and deep in the jungle. Featuring a menagerie of animals, aquatic life, foliage, flowers, insects, and more, this book is visually stimulating and oozing with creative imagery. Turtles, jellyfish, cats, zebras, hammerheads, koi, camels, and more are waiting for you to add your innovative influence with splashes, dashes, splatters, and sploops of color. It’s a great relaxing book that will spark your creativity and settle your mind.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a reveiw. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.