Grateful Body Moisturizer

As women, we strive to have youthful, healthy glowing skin without wrinkles and worry lines. Putting the right products on our face can either help or hinder this worthy goal. One of my favorite skincare companies is Grateful Body. The only use certified organic ingredients to create their holistic formulas.

Grateful Body carries a wonderful selection of moisturizers reflective of your skin’s needs. As I age my skin grateful body moisturizer for dry skinseems to get dryer and dryer and the fine wrinkles are becoming more prevalent. Their Dry Skin Moisturizer is an ultra-rich formula that nourishes maturing skin.

I was reading the vast list of lush ingredients and was surprised to see seaweed extract and apple cider vinegar. There is a good reason they are in this formula. The seaweed extract has a nourishing effect on the skin. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids that our skin flourishes on. It has selenium and ascorbic acid which protects the skin from damaging free radicals. The apple cider vinegar is an awesome astringent. It’s rich in Alpha Hydroxy acids which help dissolve fatty deposits on the skin and lightens sun and age spots. It balances the pH of your skin and is a great spot acne treatment. What great ingredients.

I use the Dry Skin moisturizer on my face and neck every morning and evening. It has the loveliest scent and feels so nice on my skin. Without using a moisturizer my skin is definitely dryer and not as supple. It’s so hydrating and you can feel it absorbing into your skin releasing the dryness and tightness. It really does feel like a huge relief. My skin looks fresher and feels a lot smoother and I feel has helped me fight the aging process. I have sensitive skin and Grateful Body moisturizers are so gentle that I can use any of their products. It’s light, nongreasy and a little goes a very long way. This little bottle has a pump dispenser and you really get a lot with one pump. It covers my face and neck easily.

Another valid attribute is that all of the Grateful Body products are made with an eco-friendly, eco-conscious mindset. No animal testing, no chemicals, no additives, just wholesome ingredients that will give you the most effective product on the market.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.