Grilling Vegan Style Cookbook

Hot weather affords us the opportunity to cook outside as often as possible. As a vegan, I never really envisioned barbecuing my food. There are so many fabulous cookbooks out there that can expand anyone’s culinary tastes and skills and give us new ideas. Grilling veggies is something I never did until just recently.

Grilling Vegan Style is a cookbook filled with 125 fired-up recipes for your barbecue. All the recipes are plant-based and designed for your patio or picnic table.
Create 125 grilled styled vegan recipes

My family and I love vegan burgers and there is a delicious recipe in this book using beans as a base. The Italian Herb Burgers are absolutely divine. We had family over for a barbecue and I made the Italian burgers and dressed them like any other burger. Everyone loved them. They grilled just like a meat burger but only took a minute on each side to get the grill flavor.

I also used the same burger to make a casserole. I put a layer of potatoes, a layer of veggies in a tomato sauce with various herbs, a layer of the burger mixture and then a layer of vegan cheese and repeated this two more times. The smell was so scrumptious that it permeated outside making my neighbors hungry. I don’t get asked very often if the family can take leftovers home but I did this time. My sister wanted whatever was left of the casserole and she is not a vegan. My guests raved about the Italian burgers and casserole and wanted to be invited over again next time I make them. It was nice to get all these compliments.

My family also loves pasta and I found a savory recipe that includes grilled veggies. We grilled peppers and the zucchinis. After they cooled I chopped them up into bite-size pieces and added the dressing. I also added black olives, green onions, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, oregano, and freshly chopped basil leaves. Yum, it has a delicious zesty flavor from the dressing and the smokiness from the grill that called for a second helping.

The kids also grilled banana’s and put them in a peanut butter sandwich. They said it tasted great, awesome, better and yummy were the adjectives they used.

There’s also a chapter on grilling tofu and making kabobs. Included as well are many recipes like desserts, sandwiches dips, and dressings that complement the grilled food perfectly. I really enjoyed reading this cookbook and trying out a few of the recipes. It broadened my viewpoint on grilling. The Italian burger is definitely one of my family’s favorite and I made them again last night for dinner. There were no leftovers this time.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.