Shout! Factory will be donating a portion of the net proceeds earned from the distribution of the movie from year one to World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization that provides fresh meals in response to crises, which is currently active in Ukraine and surrounding countries providing meals for as many people as possible at border crossings, shelters, and other locations. 

Gulliver Returns DVD

The classic character Gulliver is not a giant in size but a giant in heart and courage. Inspired by both Jonathan Swift’s timeless tale and an original idea from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, GULLIVER RETURNS is a fresh and funny adventure the whole family will enjoy! A production of Gulliver Films and 95 Animation Studio in Ukraine, the English-language movie is directed by Ilya Maksimov (Dobrinya and the Dragon) with Tony Bonilla (EncantoMoana) as animation director. In addition to having an engaging storyline and memorable characters, this inspiring and uplifting animated movie features positive messages about heroism, community, and courage. Perfect for movie night, GULLIVER RETURNS DVD features an exciting movie presentation and is available for pre-order now at and will be available in stores and other fine retailers.


Gulliver receives an urgent letter from the people of Lilliput, who ask for his help. Seeing that remarkable changes have taken place on the island, Gulliver and his friends find themselves in a whirlwind of extraordinary events: The gang encounters crafty enemies and breakneck chases in their adventures…but together, they can overcome any obstacle because friendship and love always win!

My take on this movie – it’s cute and little kids will adore it. The king is an utter nitwit, nincompoop, and dunce who has no clue how to run a kingdom. A plea went out to Gulliver to assist the residents of Lilliput in their battle with neighboring Blefascu. Thinking he was a giant, they were confident of a victory. Only thing is, he is an average-sized guy. The nincompoopery of the king lands Gulliver in prison to be executed the next day for impersonating the real Gulliver. But thanks to his wittiness, Gulliver was able to trade places with the king. Totally silly, but I guess kids will fall for that.

Time is advanced in turbo speed where 365 days is equal to one day. This was decreed by the king! Why? Because during his first visit, Gulliver said, I”ll see you in 40 years, so they wanted Gulliver to return quicker. Totally silly! Suffice to say, Gulliver and Marcy manage to come up with a plan to thwart the Blefascu takeover. It does have a happy ending which leaves a feel-good vibe.

I love old-school animated cartoons. The new digital animations look weird to me and incomplete. They don’t move like a natural person and they lose their dream-like pulse.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary DVD to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.