Ha Ha Hoodies

Get Your Giggle On!

Ha Ha Hoodies is all about having a great sense of humor. They know how to bring on a hearty chuckle with their theme inspired hoodies. This company is the brainchild of Robert Berman, who in 1992, came up with the first dreadlock hat and other unique novelty items for Halloween, special occasions, and events. Since then, he’s gone on to create Ha Ha Hoodies, a place where you can get fun and wildly imaginative character hoodies.

I’m always up for a good laugh, so I when I saw the Ha Ha Hoodies, I just had to learn more about them. These hoodies are genuine apparel with a humorous twist. They can be worn by adults and kids alike, anytime, anywhere. They’re available in four different collections, Animal, Holiday, Licensed, and Humor, and both licensed and non-licensed hoodies are offered. As you scroll through the various selections, you can’t help but giggle at the cute and hilarious creations. You’ll notice that some hoodies will fall into more than one category.

Ha Ha Hoodies

Featuring comfortable and wearable characters!

Ha Ha Hoodies

The kids eyes lit up as they looked at all the different fun hoodie choices available. They were totally mesmerized and wanted one of each, but we finally settled on their favorites. One of the hoodies received was the Grateful Dead Bear in blue.

Ha Ha Hoodies Grateful Dead BearHa Ha Hoodies Grateful Dead Bear

Kids are so uninhibited and live in the moment, and I love that! We need to learn from our children and revisit being a kid. My nephew is in grade one and enjoys wearing his Grateful Bear hoodie to school. It’s his pride and joy and he wears it every opportunity he can, and I blush to say that he looks adorable!

The hoodies are made from a 60 poly/40 cotton blend, so they’re machine washable in cold water, and it’s recommended you line dry them. The fabric is soft and fairly thick, so the kiddos will be warm. They have a sturdy zipper, ribbed cuffs and waistband, two pockets, and a character hood. I was happy to see that they’re a true size and fit nicely. Sometimes the sleeves are not long enough, but they are a good length with some room to spare. This hoodie is unisex and available also in Green, Orange, Purple, and Pink, and comes in several sizes for both children and adults. I also want to mention that some hoodies are available in a pullover style depending on the print.

The Shark Hoodie has the same great features as mentioned above. The front of the hood reveals the razor-sharp teeth of the shark. You can see the nostril and the eyes on top of the hood, but the coolest feature is on the back.


Oh my gosh, this is seriously a cute hoodie. The back of the Shark hoodie shows the ominous shark fin. Can you hear the Jaws theme music? The fin is made from a solid fabric, but it’s soft and flexible. The kids were beside themselves when the saw all these lifelike features; at least it looked pretty real to them.

These hoodies are ideal for fall weather, costume parties, Halloween, and beyond. They’re a perfect alternative to costumes that are never warm enough or offer enough visibility. They allow kids, teens, colleges students, and adults the fun and freedom to play dress up and don some silly garb. It’s the ultimate opportunity to wear their favorite sweatshirt material along with a goofy character. They’re sure to add a giggle at any function, and they’d make the perfect gift for the whole family, from babies to grown-ups.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.