Haflinger Slippers for the Holidays

How many times have you come home from an arduous workday only to deal with cranky feet? Visions of soft and comfy slippers dance in your head. Maybe you have some sloppy slippers that are at the very least comfortable, right? Or maybe not! Ever notice when you slip off your work shoes and slide into your slippers that you feel discomfort or pain? How come? Most slippers, even though they keep our feet snug and toasty warm, do not offer much support if any. There are copious slippers on the market from soled socks to floppy flip-flop sandals to ballet slippers to moccasins to cute novelty slippers to cozy clogs. But not all will benefit our feet and offer structure and stability. But one brand that offers not only restful comfort, durability, and support footwear, but also offers timeless designs made from quality materials is Haflinger. They are one of my favorite footwear brands.

Haflinger is recognized for its impeccable workmanship and for making high-quality footwear for ladies, men, children, and infants. And they have some of the comfiest, warmest, and most attractive slippers on the market. As winter has already set in and the holidays are approaching swiftly, slippers are the perfect gift for all family members. But, we want to give slippers that are durable, long-lasting, and importantly, will feel good on the feet. Here are a few of Haflingers popular slippers and I love them all.

Haflinger Grizzly Cuoricino

Haflinger Grizzly Cuoricino Red
Grizzly Cuoricino Glacier

The Haflinger Grizzly Cuoricino clog slippers are beautiful and have lots of attributes! The uppers, lining, and insole are made from pure felt wool, so they feel soft, warm, and quite comfortable. The top of the slippers has embroidered white hearts sprinkled evenly around that are decorative and welcoming.

These slip-on clog slippers have ample wiggle room so no cramping, pinching, or crowding. The outer soles are made from thermoplastic rubber so it’s durable, slip-resistant, and repels dirt and moisture. The cork layer adds cushion and orthopedic support, which is beneficial for the wellbeing of our feet. The cork offers buoyancy so the stress impact on your feet, ankles, and knees is very low. Plus, the back of these slippers has a short heel cap that offers additional support and security.

Grizzly Cuoricino clog slippers in purple

I’ve been wearing cork footwear for a couple of decades and some brands can feel like you are walking on stiff planks. The Haflinger Grizzly Cuoricino’s though, have an anatomic footbed so they are easy to break in and morph to your feet shape. I found the transition or break-in period quick, easy and painless, and I enjoy wearing them around the house. They come in 7 fun colors, so there is a hue for everyone.

Haflinger Lemmi

Haflinger Lemmi slippers

The Haflinger Lemmi slippers are made from leather and lambskin and will keep your feet warm up to and over your ankles. Lambskin is a great conductor of heat, keeping your warm during the colder months and cooler during warmer temperatures. The inner fur will naturally wick any excess moisture away leaving your feet dry and comfortable.

Lemmi slippers

The outer layer is soft suede leather, the interior is lambskin, and the insole is made from wool felt. Plus there is a pre-formed foam insert that can be exchanged for your orthotics if needed. But, my mom found it really comfortable so she left it inside the slippers. And the outer sole is made from the same durable thermoplastic rubber as all their other slippers. I love that it’s slip-resistant and can be cleaned easily.

My mom loves her Lemmi’s. They can be worn folded over like a cuff or extended to cover more of your leg. They are great for colder days when nothing else can warm you up. As with all suede items, you will need to handwash with a gentle detergent. They are available in two colors, coffee and anthracite.

Haflinger Everest Classic

Haflinger Everest slippers in grey
 Everest slippers in blue

The Haflinger Everest Classic slippers are comfy slip-ons made from pure breathable wool. They sport a classic design and were created to naturally fit the curvy shape of your feet. Their thin sole is made from durable non-slip rubber which keeps dirt, debris and moisture at bay.

Everest slippers in green
Haflinger Everest slippers red

The removable shaped footbed has two layers. The top is felt wool and the bottom is a cork-latex that encourages proper posture and foot health. It can be exchanged for your orthotic insoles if needed.

Everest slippers

The Everest Classic slippers come in 8 fun and vibrant colors. Care instructions: The upper material can be hand washed with warm water and a mild detergent. They feel great on the feet, they’re warm and they would be an ideal gift this holiday season.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.