Haflinger Cork Footwear

If your feet could talk to you, what exactly would the say? Would they compliment you on your wise choices or backlash you for wearing trendy shoes that cause them pain? Our feet are in essence, our sole-mates. Think about it! They are responsible for transporting us everywhere, no matter what the terrain, weather or the volume of weight we impose on them. We need to show our feet some respect and one way to do this is to wear comfortable footwear. Enter Haflinger!

Haflinger is a German brand of footwear that uses a variety of uppers along with cork footbeds. I started wearing cork-bottom sandals a few decades ago on my very first trip to Germany and I’ve been hooked ever since. They are not only the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, but they’re also very durable. I’ve had one pair for over twenty years and I still love wearing them.

stack of Haflinger sandals

Haflinger is recognized for its impeccable workmanship and for making high-quality footwear for ladies, men, children, and infants. They are conscious of their natural raw materials and only use the best from selected suppliers. These include boiled wool, wool felt, suede, and leather as uppers on their sandals, clogs, slippers, and boots. Plus, they ensure all processes are environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Their ‘sole goal’ is to create healthy footwear that is not only comfortable but fashionably trendy.

Haflinger has a variety of stylish footwear for all family members and recently added a new gorgeous online collection to its website. I received a pair of one of their new styles, the Charles sandals and they are so attractive and divinely comfortable.

Haflinger Charles Sandals

I love sandals with lots of straps and Haflinger has so many choices, but the Charles sandals stood out to me. With most cork shoes, there is a break in period where your feet mold into the cork footbed. The Haflinger sandals have an anatomically shaped footbed so the transition is easier. Once you step into their sandals, you’ll feel the grooves where your feet will naturally settle in for a comfortable fit. And over time they will form to the exact shape of your feet specifically. Normally it takes about a good month before you feel like the sandals are yours, but because Haflinger offers their anatomic footbed, they took a lot less time to break in.

The Haflinger sandals are built using several layers which make them so restful to wear. Depending on the footwear you choose, the bottom layer or outer sole tread is made from thermoplastic rubber and has transverse and longitudinal indentations and elevations for better grip. It also has the Haflinger logo embedded, which leaves a cool print. Depending on which style you choose, the next is a layer that may be a soft flexible foam bedding where air bubbles are trapped to conform to the shape of your feet for a natural feel.

Haflinger Charles Sandals

Next is a thick layer of cork and latex. Cork has a lot of attributes that lend itself to being perfect for footwear. Cork is a renewable resource, durable, odor-resistant, impact-resistant, moisture-wicking, and form-fitting. On top of the cork, is a layer of velvety nubuck leather that is soft and warm to the feet. During processing, the leather is left with a rough texture that gives it a suede look and increases the breathability of the pores. The combination of all the different layers makes for an incredibly comfortable pair of sandals.

I’ve been wearing the Charles sandals for several weeks and they have molded to the shape of my feet very nicely. They fit perfectly and I didn’t experience any friction, chafing, or blistering. They’re lightweight, comfortable and I can stand or walk in them all day.

If you are new to cork footwear, I can share that I love the Haflinger sandals. They offer solace and repose for my tired feet and that is a wonderful feeling.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.

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