Haflingers, the Ultimate in Summer Footwear

One of the great things about summer is being able to feel the fresh air flowing between your toes. We ditch our heavy clodhoppers and slide into some eezy breezy sandals. Sandals are a footwear staple during the hot summer months and there are oodles of styles to choose from. Sure they keep your feet cool, but most of them are ill-fitting, uncomfortable and chafe and blister the feet. I have a very low tolerance for foot pain and discomfort, so I can’t wear just any sandals. I choose instead to wear, what I deem, the most comfortable sandals on the market, Haflingers.

A few months ago I introduced my readers to the Haflinger brand because I personally like cork footwear. I started wearing their sandals and now I’m completely smitten. Once you wear them, you will never wear any other brand. They offer comfort, a natural fit, stability, durability and tons of steez (style with ease).

Haflinger Sandals in white

One thing I hear a lot is that cork footwear only offers boring and plain styles. Not so! Haflinger footwear not only feels good to wear, but they also have lots of trendy, fashionable and colorful new styles that will appeal to everyone. They’re a family-friendly brand that also makes footwear for men, children and even babies. Check out my new Haflingers.

Mia Multicolored Sandals

Haflinger Mia Multicolored Sandals The Haflinger Mia Multicolored Sandals are stunning and have a multitude of attributes. If you’ve worn cork footwear before, you know there is a break-in period where the footbed morphs to the shape of your feet. This can be an awkward stage, but Haflinger makes the transitions effortless with their anatomically shaped footbed. They have grooves in their footbeds where your feet will naturally settle in for a comfortable fit. You can read more about it here.

The Mia sandals have an edgy designer look with two large bands that criss-cross gracefully across the top of your foot. They’re imprinted with tiny pixels of vibrant colors that will work with any outfit, be it a summer dress, shorts, jeans, office wear, pajamas or beachwear strolling on the beach. The straps are not adjustable and I found they fit a little loose. This aspect gives you more wiggle room and is great for those with wider feet. Although I have narrow feet, I prefer a wider fit.

They also offer arch support, a soft and soothing insole and thermoplastic rubber outer soles for grip and slip resistance. These sandals come with rubber soles in three different colors, red, blue and natural. I dig the natural color myself, but teens love the bright colors. It adds that extra spark to your sandals.

Andrea Bloom Sandals

Haflinger Andrea Bloom Sandals

The Haflinger Andrea Bloom Sandals are petal perfect. Their elegant floral motif print is subtle yet cheerfully bright with yellow, wine and cornflower blue flowers. They feature two wide straps with sturdy buckles for easy adjustment. They also have the anatomically shaped footbed for easy wear and all-day comfort. The insole is made from suede that is super soft and pleasingly warm.

Haflinger soles

The EVA outer sole is super thick and has ribbed grooves for texture, traction, cushion, shock absorption and stability. You’ll feel like your walking on a cloud and that is a wonderful thing when you have foot pain. The Andrea sandals are also available in several other styles, the Austin with glitter effects, the Meriva with an elegant pearl finish, the Saffino with a stainless steel finish and the basic Andrea in five different shades.

The Haflinger cork sandals are immensely comfortable and durable. You can stand in them all day and still feel refreshed. I also like the price or €54.90 which converts to around $88 CDN or $61 USD. Other cork shoes are twice the price and that will impact our budget. You cannot go wrong investing in Haflingers, your feet will thank you!

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