Hair No No’s That Make You Look Older

Hair frames our face and our style speaks volumes about our personality. But, there’s nothing more unsightly than an outgrown hairstyle. You feel uncomfortable and it makes you look haggy. Getting a great cut that suits your face is such a wonderful feeling and it will boost your confidence. You just know you look good. A bad haircut, on the other hand, will not only puncture your pride, and it can also make you look older. But, it’s fairly easy to update your do with little or no money.


As a kid and teen, I had really long hair. It flowed just past my waist and it was my pride and joy. I know a lot of you have been there. But as we age, having super long hair is not a beauty advantage. Quite the opposite, it amplifies wrinkles and piles on the years. Apparently, the rule of thumb is, hair past your ribs cage will age you. But, if you cannot live without your long hair, the experts say to keep it square.

Split ends. Split ends cannot be repaired. Weathering, product damage, improper brushing, and excessive washing can cause split ends, which in turn will age you. You will need to trim your hair and start taking better care of it. Use quality products that cleanse and moisturize with natural ingredients.

The perfect length. Bob, lob, or mob. Finding a hairstyle that suits and flatters your face is not an easy task. Your stylists should be skilled enough to discern what style would suit your face. But, don’t count on it. If you have thinning hair, a shorter cut will make it look fuller. Layers can add depth and volume when adding wispy curls.

Dated looks. Know anyone who is clinging to the same hairstyle they had a few decades ago? I worked with a gal who wore a mullet for the 20 plus years I knew her. Cringe! This is a huge mistake, dated styles do just that.. date you. Styles have evolved dramatically since 1992, and there is a modern style that will enhance your beauty and bring you into the 21st century.

Color, color, color. Straying too far from your natural shade can look artificial and age you tremendously. Too dark or too ashy will bring on the age factor. Hair dye should compliment your skin tone and enhance and enrich your natural color while subtly concealing any gray hairs. Highlights in a shade or two up will make you look more youthful, but placement is crucial.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Believe it or not, the way you part your hair can actually age you. Straight down the middle does not work for a lot of people, nor does a rigid part side. A soft asymmetrical part can be quite attractive. Bangs in some cases can make you look more youthful as well.

When your hair looks good, you look and feel fabulous so be kind to your hair.

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