Favorite Things About Halloween

Halloween is that special time of year where all things creepy and eerie is totally accepted. The ground is dense with crunchy and colorful foliage and the days are shorter, cooler and sometimes cloaked in a veil of mist. It’s the perfect scenario for evil and enchantment to mingle in darkness and it gets you into the Halloween spirit. Although shopping for supplies can be a nightmare, the spine-tingling thrill of it all is alarmingly pleasurable. Here are a few gruesomely wonderful things I love about Halloween.

The Costumes

Halloween Costumes Depositphotos

Really cool costumes go fast, so start shopping early. Or you can assemble your own costume from old clothes partnered with frightening props. Kids can let their imagination run devilishly wild and dress up as anything or anyone they like. Their favorite superhero, ghost, witch, or bat. Or they can tap into an era they like – Victorian, Egyptian, or the space-age future.

The Candy

Halloween Candy pixabay

Okay, who doesn’t love Halloween candy? The variety of sweets available is downright euphoric and they’re aplenty on Halloween Night. Kids (and adults) load up on these addictive sweets, gorge and sink their ferocious fangs into them. Halloween candy is the best!

Creepy Decorations

Halloween jackolantern lights and pumpkin decor pixabay

A great way to add to the Halloween ambience is to include creepy decoration in your yard, on your step and peeking outside your window. Jacko-lanterns, spiders, cobwebs, tombstones, ghosts, bats, skeletons, and witches make it so much more frightening.

Trick or Treating

Lady giving kids candy for Trick or Treating Depositphotos

Trick or Treat!! Kids can don their scariest costumes and parade the hood with their ghoulish friends and gnarly family looking for that big loot of candy. Have you ever gone back for seconds when the homeowners are giving out really nice candy? Hmm? The goal is to fill out your candy bag to the brim.

Halloween Movies

Halloween Movies

You can really bring on the creep factor with a marathon of your favorite spooky movies. I admit there are some eerie movies with lots of hardcore gore and horrific scenes, but there plenty of soft scare movies the whole family can enjoy while munching on your Halloween score!

Halloween Parties

Halloween Party Food - mummies Depositphoto

There is nothing like Halloween inspired foods, drinks, and music to clinch the experience. Cupcakes, cookies, pumpkin pie, candied apples, mummy dogs, spider eggs, dead man’s fingers, and some slimy jello treats are ideal for a kid’s party. Don’t forget the beat – you can’t have a party without some spooky tunes – Monster Mash, Thriller, or you can get a DVD that features Halloween music.

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pumpkin Carving pixabay

Carving pumpkins is a legit skill and an enjoyable activity. It’s amazing how artists can scoop out and alter the flesh into creative designs including people, things, and animals. You can also just carve the orange rind and leave the pulp or even better, get stickers so kids can decorate and practice their skills. Carved pumpkins with lights inside add a supernatural atmosphere to your surroundings. Boo!

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