Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender

One of the handiest kitchen appliances that I use every day is a blender; I don’t know how I’d manage without one. I use it to mix, purée, blend, grind, and emulsify food and drinks. Every morning I make a huge smoothie, so I count on a reliable blender to blend all my ingredients into a thick creamy mixture, and for me, it’s the Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender.

Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender

There are many blenders on the market ranging in price and performance, so when choosing one, I look at its attributes. I was immediately drawn to the Wave-Action blender for its features and its stunning metallic red color. I have a strawberry/red themed kitchen so this blender fits in beautifully.

The Wave-Action blender comes with a base displaying a five-button control panel, a blender jar, a filter cap, a spout with a hinged cap lid, and a stirring spoon. It’s quite lightweight, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and had a five-year warranty. It’s a hard-working unit with lots of power that can blend up to 48 ounces of mixture. I love the stirring spoon that comes with it; it makes removing thicker ingredients simple.

Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender on counter filled with fruit

A good blender is multifunctional and promotes simplicity, making life so much easier in the kitchen. It can be used to blend hot and cold foods or even chop ice, and the Hamilton Beach Wave-Action did not let me down. I’ve used it for so many recipes from mixing pancake batter to pulsing salsa to blending creamy soups and sauces to whipping cream to even grinding coffee beans.

With the warmer weather, I’ve been making lots of cooler drinks that quench the thirst and cool and nourish the body. This blender has a smoothie button that automatically blends all your fruits, veggies or greens using the Wave-Action system that pulls your ingredients outside/in, meaning up into the blades for a smooth and rich consistency.

The result is a delicious mixture made within a minute that no one in my family could resist. To make pouring easy the jar has a spout, so there are no spills, no waste. This is the first blend I’ve had that offered this fabulous feature.

Bottom line, I love this blender. It blended everything I tossed inside it to the right consistency and texture. It gets the job done quickly and is a breeze to clean. It’s budget-friendly retailing for around $65.