Hangin Cat Condo

If you’re a pet owner, have you ever noticed that your cats love to crawl into everything, regardless if they fit in it or not? I’m talking about tissue boxes, shoe boxes, paper bags, baskets, drawers, etc. Why? I think they feel protected, secure and all snug in small spaces, so we allow them this courtesy and have oodles of tattered discarded boxes randomly scattered about our home. One of my cats loves to chew off and eat anything made from corrugated material, so I now have to remove all of these well-loved and well-used boxes. But, there’s a better solution.

Hangin Cat Condo

K&H Pet Products is a company that I completely resonate with. They love animals as much as I do and want them to be uber-comfortable throughout their lives. They carry an abundance of unique, high-end pet products for cats, dogs, birds, and small animals. If I’m looking for something different, I swing over to K&H and check out their fabulous selection and they never let me down.

I was recently introduced to their award-winning Hangin Cat Condo, in a word, it’s purr-fect! Cat towers, although a great product, can take up so much horizontal living space. The Hangin Cat Condo on the other hand, hangs on a door so it only takes up vertical space. If you live in an apartment, have limited space, or just want something different, this product is ideal.

The condo arrived mostly assembled, all I had to do was insert two panels on the top level and then hang it on one of my doors. To hang, attached the clamps on the top and bottom of the door and adjust the straps so they’re secure, that’s it.

I have four cats and three of them have claimed this condo as their purr-sonal playhouse. It didn’t take a lot of purr-sation, as soon as I hung up the condo, they were already getting fur-miliar with their new digs.

hangin cat condo

This pawsome condo has 5 cubbyholes and 6 peepholes. The cats can access the different levels from the inside by climbing up through small access holes, or they can simply jump into a level from the outside. It’s made from 600 denier nylon waterproof fabric and the floors are made from corrugated plastic, so it’s quite lightweight. To me, it has the feel and texture of a thick canvas.

This condo is available in 16” wide and 24” wide sizes. For our use, the 16 ” size is perfect. There’s ample room for the cats to curl up and sleep, stretch and frolic from one level to another. It’s well made with flawless sewing, all the seams match up impeccably. It’s rugged and sturdy and has tolerated a lot of rascally rowdiness.

hangin cat condo

It’s easy to clean or wipe off and vacuum. One of my cats has a peculiar habit, she likes to take a mouthful of cat food into one of the cubbyholes and savor each morsel privately. I just take a damp cloth and wipe the area where she picnics, there are no stains or smells left, and it dries very quickly.

The Hangin Condo is one of the best cat products I’ve brought into our home. It’s great for one or multiple cats, you can hang it on most doors, it’s space-saving, and importantly it’s a warm and cozy place for the cats to chill out and purr-haps dis-a-purr for a while. At least one of my cats is in this condo throughout the day just enjoying their own space. We love it, and my cats highly recommend it. It’s paw approved!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.