Happy Halloween Books

Happy Halloween! This unique time of the year has been celebrated in many countries as far back as the 8th century. Although back then, they wore costumes and lit a bonfire to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. Today, for most people, it’s a fun event that is more than just going from home to home collecting hoards of candy. It’s an event that schools and families put a lot of thought into. It’s about enjoying creating Halloween inspired crafts, carving pumpkins, and decorating our homes and lawns with phantom lights and inflatable monsters.

This year many states and provinces are canceling the traditional trick or treating for obvious safety reasons. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, we just have to approach Halloween from a different angle. It’s up to us to devise fun projects, games and other ventures, spooky books, scary movies, and yummy treats for our kids. We can always start with some creepy books that put a chill in our spine!

Halloween Carving

Halloween carving

Spooky decorations are popular and you’ll see lots of people embellish their lawns, steps and trees with the creepiest characters. Halloween Carving is for the whittler or carver of wood. Although I’m sure agile fingers could duplicate the patterns out of pumpkins. The book is divided into 6 information packed chapters.

  • 1. What Is It About Halloween?
  • 2. Everything You Needed To Know About Halloween
  • 3. Halloween Designs, Notes, and Patterns
  • 4. Carving The Ghost With The Most
  • 5. Carving Lon’s Ghost
  • Painting the Pieces

The onset of the book shares some facts and traditions about Halloween. Then it dives into step-by-step photo and detailed written instructions on creating a plethora of bewitching ornaments. There are also lots of reference drawings for crafters to glean ideas from as well. Kids and adults can make things associated with this ghastly holiday. Create ghosts, tombstones, witches, coffins, cats, bats, brooms, pumpkins, and more. It’s a fun art for beginners and experienced carvers. Ideal for parents and older kids to create treasured pieces that can be used year after year.

Halloween Collectible Decorations and Games

Halloween collectibles

Halloween Collectible Decorations and Games is filled with past and present items associated with this twisted and dark holiday. With over 600 color photos, you can peer into collector pieces of yore from various countries. Divided into 9 chapters, it reveals an assortment of pieces you might not have heard of.

  • Introduction
  • Halloween: A Discussion and a Look to the Future
  • Noise Makers and Audio Effects
  • Flossie Fisher’s Funnies
  • Winsch Publishing Postcards
  • Arcade Machines and Mechanical Figures
  • Table Decorations: Plates, Napkins, Candles and other items used on a Halloween Table
  • Folk Art, Insider Art, Modern Artists, and Crafts People
  • The Games, Fortunes and Forfeits of Halloween

I had no idea noisemakers were part of a Halloween experience. The louder the noise the more successful you would be at scaring away ghouls, ghosts, and gruesome beasts. They were quite popular in Germany despite many believing Halloween is a North American celebration. The Halloween postcards are more whimsical than grisly. Many depict fairies, pretty witches, chubby children, cute black kittens, pumpkins galore, and even risque ladies. It ventures into the dark side with various spirit boards, fortune-telling, and palm reading. If you’re into collecting, prices are provided and tips on doing your research. It’s the ideal book for the avid and curious fans of Halloween.

Into The Pumpkin

Into the Pumpkin Halloween storybook

Into The Pumpkin is an enchanting children’s book inspired by everything Halloween. With an eerie font, spooky rhymes and bewitching illustrations, kids are beckoned to hop onto a broom and enjoy the ride. It’s Halloween night and everyone is excited. Bats, ghouls, spiders, witches, cats, scarecrows, pumpkins and more are all headed to an old haunted castle for a Halloween party where prized can be won. It’s a full moon and the cauldron is bubbling with a witches brew, songs are being sung and skeletons are dancing, Oh what a night, one kid’s will always remember. All the colorful illustrations are misty like a foggy night and reflect the eeriness of the evening. Perfect for kids aged 7 – 10.

Halloween Sleepwalker

Halloween Sleepwalker storybook

Be careful what you ask for. While his whole family share spooky stories and express their fears about Halloween, but 8-year-old Shelby is not the least bit worried. In fact, he’d love to go for a walk late at night, deep into the dark. He gets that chance, but is it real or a dream? Halloween Sleepwalker shares Shelby’s experience but he’s not sure if talking about scary things is giving him bad dreams.

You see, at bedtime instead of crawling into bed, he peered out the window. As sleep overtook him, he nestled under the covers and drifted off. He dreamt he got out of bed, out of the house, and started walking toward his neighbor’s cornfield. He could hear laughing and then saw… 5 witches. One cackling witch gives him an enchanted apple and he soon has special abilities. Another witch loans Shelby her broom and… his experience gets even weirder. EEK! The illustrations are captivating and self-explanatory. Kids will love this story and may even experience the same night as Shelby.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to faciliate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.