Hasbro Boy Toys

Is it me, or do boys seem to have more spring bound energy and to get into more mischief than girls? If they’re idle or bored, their inner rascal emerges and their vivid imaginations run rampant. They need a fun source that allows them to burn off some energy, entertains them and fosters creative play. Hasbro is the perfect source! They offer a variety of toys and games that excite, empower, educate and also allow kids to evolve in pretend and imaginative play. Here are a few Hasbro favorites that boys will love.

Transformer Cyberverse Power of the Spark

Transformers have been an iconic Hasbro action figure toy for several decades. These robots are able to morph from one shape to another in seconds, and boys love them. New classes of Transformer cyber lifeforms with remarkable abilities are being created all the time. Enter the Spark Armor line. Basically, this toy consists of a main Transformer character and a secondary vehicle that snaps onto this persona and becomes its armor. One of these combinations is Optimus Prime and Spark Armor.

Transformer Cyberverse Power of the Spark

The Transformer Cyberverse Power of the Spark toy comes with a 12″ Optimus Prime figure, the Ark Power and instructions. While some kids are adept at transforming these action figures, others will need guidance. They can unfold the instruction sheet and it will walk them through the eleven steps of transformation.

The Optimus Prime figure has fairly good articulation. You are able to move his shoulders front, back and to the side and his elbows bend. His upper torso can turn to the sides a bit. His hips can span out to the side and somewhat to the front, and his ankles tilt. But, you cannot bend his knees or move his head.

The Spark Armor disassembles and attaches to various areas on Optimus Prime. When not engaged in battles, Optimus Prime transforms into semi-truck and can transport the Ark Power on his trailer. They’re always ready for Earth defending action and convert easily into battle mode. Recommended to ages 6+.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure 3-Pk

In a galaxy far, far, away, there lived some of the cutest robots and droids ever created. Star Wars has introduced us to memorable droid characters that we’ve become fondly attached to over the years. R2-D2 was the first robot and has appeared in nine of the then Star Wars movies. BB-8 was introduced to us in The Force Awakens and in the just-released Star Wars Movie, The Rise of Skywalker, we will meet the D-O, a tiny, adorable little droid that looks like a megaphone or some of the kids say, he looks like a hairdryer.

Hasbro has captured the personalities of these famous droids in a Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure mini toy 3-pack. These little droids are super tiny and range in size from approximately 8 cm (3 inches) to 4 cm (1.5 inches). D-O is the smallest micro droid that rolls around on one wheel. His head moves, his three antennas are flexible and he has 3 black slots for eyes. There is kind of a flat spot on his wheel that allows him to sit upright. D-O is immensely cute and the kids just love him.

R2-D2 is a handsome little droid with lots of detail and articulation. His head, arms, and feet move freely and he has wheels on the bottom of his feet. There is an extra leg that you can pull out of his underside and retract when needed. This leg also has a wheel at the base for speedy escapes. BB-8 is a cheeky little droid with a cool feature. He’s got a cute rotund body and his head spins completely around. He also has buttons on his sides, that when you pull on them, they create his long skinny legs. To retract them, either press the button underneath his body or press his head. It’s a cool feature that kids will love. If you’re a droid fan, then this set is perfect for any collection. Recommended for ages 4+.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. This post contains affiliate links.